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My Own Supernatural Experiences December 27, 2007

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My Own Supernatural Experiences
Sunday, Jan 28, 2007
So I posted this to the CW lounge- wanted to share it here.
The question is- Have You Had Any Supernatural Personal Experiences?

My answer is yes!

I have had prophetic dreams- usually things are shown to me using symbols and images not truly a snapshot like Sammy has.
When I was in Junior High I had dreams for a week that my school was shrouded in grey clouds and everyone was crying, and I kept asking where is she? The Tuesday after President’s day I came to school and one of my childhood friends and her dad were missing in a presumed plane crash in the Sierras coming back from a ski trip.They were found later that week dead.

About 2 years later I had this weird dream where my friend’s dad who was the vice principal at the other high school in my district was hopping up and down and wearing a tshirt from my school , was in our hallway at school saying look! I am one of you now!
The next day I heard he had a heart attack, was stepping down from his job and transferring to my school to take a job as a teacher…..

Finally- I lived in a haunted house in New England. There were several presences- an active presence we think was the previous owner. An older woman who lived there till she died after her husband had died. She hated my sister’s music and used to turn the lights on and off on her when my sister blasted U2 in the back rooms which were her art studio.

We also had a dark cold presence and would hear voices in our driveway- this was way out in the country with no-one around so it was always creepy. I found out when we were moving that a man had killed his estranged wife there then himself. I considered that to be what is known more as a residual haunting- negative energy remaining in place. We were always salting the driveway in the winter and never heard the voices until the salt was washed away in the spring rains……

1/30/07 UPDATE
My sister asked me to be sure to include the follow on to the story about the spirit who did not like U2 and how we got her to leave for good. About a year after we moved in I brought home a new pet- a cute little 2 pound Goffin cockatoo who is funny and loud. Did I mention loud? If you think all parrots are like sweet little parakeets- think again. Cockatoos live in flocks and are very vocal , this is how you can get them to talk. Well my bird is super loud- he screams and squaks like the world is ending every freaking night when the sun is going down- or when he just feels bored. Or when he decides my sister needs to be driven nuts. They have this hate hate relationship….long story. Anyways- we noticed that within a few weeks of the obnoxious bird cries beginning- the activity inside the house diminished. Within 6 months- it was completely gone. So I have to say – the exorcism by cockatoo- though noisy and expensive ( bird was over $1000 and toys & food run about $100/month) but well worth it! My sister was able to reclaim her art studio and resume blasting U2 or whatever she wanted after that. The bonus was that back in her studio she was far enough from the bird to not hear him……