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Smallville Season 6 December 27, 2007

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Smallville Season 6
Friday, Mar 30, 2007
NEW PROMO for end of the season

So season 6 is nearing an end- I am pretty psyched for the final episodes- the new preview that is up on the CW website looks exciting. Some closure to Lex and Clark and their friendship is promising in the storytelling area. I just hope we can see this type of resolution to the Lana Clark relationship. Right now I am still pretty miffed by the whole begging her in the church bit……
If you missed out on any episodes- check my Smallville page on this site to catch up!
Did anyone else notice that the song used to show the end of Clark and Lex and their relationship includes ” I am unstoppable” – the song used in the pilot was “Unstoppable” by The Calling- it played when Lex drove the porsche off the bridge…..Nice way to bookend their relationship.Anybody have a super duper Season 6 fan video they want to promote? I will post my favorites on this site!
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