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Smallville vs Star Wars December 27, 2007

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Smallville vs Star Wars Parallel Universes
Tuesday, Jan 30, 2007
Smallville and Star Wars

Parallels between 2 different universes- comments and additional similarities are welcome !

Tatooine- if there is a center of the universe it is the point farthest from it. A powerful mysterious child comes from here and is chosen to be trained for greatness. Later his own child is hidden here to be raised by simple farmers and keep him safe until his destiny is revealed.

Smallville- a town in the middle of nowhere Kansas where strange things happen and a powerful alien is hidden from his father’s enemies to grow up with simple hardworking farm people

Obi-Wan Kenobi- Jedi Master, all knowing, powerful warrior and mystic, has lots of advice for young Luke Skywalker and was very judgemental of his father Anakin, tried to disuade him from giving in to fear.

Jonathan Kent- a beacon of moral fortitude, tries hard to keep his adopted son Clark on the straight and narrow, very judgemental of Lex Luthor and suspicious of his motivation in befriending Clark.

Darth Vader- once a noble knight, fear pushes him down a path he cannot get off of, he betrays his values, his friends and his wife. Left alone he serves darkness until one day he can find absolution and retrieve his soul.

Lex Luthor- confused adolescant, searching for his father’s love and some meaning in his life, walks the path to darkness seeking it when his fears get the best of him. Unable to walk away from darkness and embrace happiness when it comes to him. Betrays his best friend and those closest to him. Builds an army of strange beings and uses fear and power to rule. Will he ever be redeemed?

Emporer Palpatine- he comes into our heroes lives posing as a friend when he has a hidden agenda of betrayal , darkness, power and absolute corruption of everything good.

Lionel Luthor- he waffles between good and evil and self-delusion. His motivation is never clear- how his lust for power and a woman he has wanted for very long will play out is unclear but cannot end well.

Princess Leia- a warrior woman with a heart full of honor and goodness and an indominable will to see the universe brought back to a glorious light and freedom. She admires the farm boy turned mystic and falls for an honorable scoundrel who is her true soulmate.

Chloe Sullivan- intrepid reporter, a voice for good, she is loyal to her true friend and seeks justice in the world around her. She admires her superhero friend but is yet to meet her own scoundrel!

Padme Amidala – Diplomat, Queen , woman and mate to the man who is the lynchpin in the fight between light and dark. It is losing her that drives Anakin over the edge- his fears and inability to let her go send him into darkness.

Lana Lang- strong and yet weak, ruled by insecurities , fears of loss and abandonment, she cannot be alone. She fears the unknown and though she professes to desire honesty and truth beyond all else- she herself lives with denial and is blinded to those around her. She is drawn to the dark force in Lex Luthor and wishes to protect him from himself.

Mara Jade- mate to Luke Skywalker ( see the books etc for more) not a simple woman, a warrior herself and a force to be reckoned with.

Lois Lane- strong, smart but not always savvy- she is a force of nature. Has a strong moral center and admires Clark for staying true to his. Something Clark cannot control , she will be the one to stand at his side in the future.

Luke Skywalker- strong, powerful, wise and yet naive. He wants to help his friends and his father , save his friends and redeem the man who fell from grace. He risks everything and ends up winning it all!

Clark Kent- strong, powerful, smart and yet naive. He wants to help his friends, is not sure what the real role of his father is in his destiny and does not want to be alone. His humanity makes him vulnerable- but it also makes him compassionate.