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Supernatural and the X-Files December 27, 2007

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Supernatural and The X-Files
Tuesday, Jan 30, 2007
Supernatural/ X-Files

So am gonna start here a thread for all to share with their friends who don’t watch the show- pair up an episode of Supernatural with a complimentary X-files episode- once a nice full list is done will be great to share on other sci-fi sites to inspire new viewers to check it out!

Will fill this out further as I work on it- these were the first few that came to mind pretty quickly- you will note that the episodes of X-files are early ones- all considered classic by fans.

SN Episode                X-Files Episode                           Common Theme

1-2 Wendigo              1-5 The Jersey Devil                 Wild Man/Creature suspected of cannabilism
1-2 Wendigo               1-19 Shapes         Indian skinwalker legend Wendigo undertones on X-files

WENDIGO has a triple play actually as Charmed 1-12 The Wendigo is the one where Piper is turned into a Wendigo—- this is refered to I don’t know how many times in the next 2 seasons whenever they come across some shapeshifting demon/ spell to turn someone into something else. “Remember when Piper was turned into the Wendigo?”

1-6 Skin                     1-14 Genderbender                   1st time in each show we see a shapeshifter, Genderbender also has 1st appearance of Nicholas Lea who comes back later as the duplicitous Agent Alex Krycek, in Skin it is first time Dean is really charged with a major crime to his own name
1-6 Skin                     1-19 Shapes                    Skinwalkers in both

1 – 8 Bugs                    3 – 12 War of the Coprophages  Insects terrorize small town
1-8 Bugs                      1-20   Darkness Falls    Insects terrorize folks in the woods in X-files- nature reclaiming the forest ( THANK YOU theblackgoddess in the CWLOUNGE!)

1-10 Asylum                1-8 Ice                                       Unknown forces causes people to turn on each other violently, rampant paranoia ensues

1-15 The Benders           4-2 Home                              Nothing paranormal- icky redneck, backwoods incestuous Deliverance action in both

1-17 Hell House             3-20 Jose Chung’s From Outer Space  Goofy joke episodes that have all kinds of inside jokes and are funny

1-17 Hell House             6-15 Arcadia                        Both episodes are funny- X-files has Mulder and Scully playing house in the perfect southern California subdivision- both episodes feature people being terrorized by the same Tibetan thought form

1-20 Dead Man’s Blood   5-12 Bad Blood                     Vampires living amongst us! X-files guest stars Luke Wilson, very comic episode, Supernatural has Daddy Winchester joining his sons on a hunt – Dean thinks the concept of Vampires is just hysterical

2-2 Everybody Loves a Clown 2-20 Humbug              Strange things happen amongst circus folk

2-4 Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead THings  4-15 Kaddish  Both have people bringing back loved ones from the dead with dire consequences…..

2-11 Playthings                  5-10 Chinga                      Little girls play with creepy dolls and people die– X-files written by Stephen King set in a quaint New England town, Supernatural episode set in Connecticut inn in quaint New England town, episode feels like a Stephen King novel in a traditional creepy haunted manse.


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  1. Heather Says:

    Thanks for putting this together! As a fellow X Files and Supernatural fan I very much appreciate it! I have also been looking for a list that compared guest stars from each show, I have been re-watching the X Files, and you’d be surprised at how maybe Supernatural/X Files cross over guest stars there are!

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