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Days of our Lives- The Devil Made Me Do It December 28, 2007

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Days of our Lives- The Devil Made Me Do It!

Friday, Nov 23, 2007

I have several DAYS specials on disk and am working on ripping them to share! iPod format to watch on the go and wmv for video makers.[image]
Happy Halloween, suds fans! SOAPnet has a devilishly delicious treat for you: We’re flashing back to 1995 — the year Dr. Marlena Evans Black (Deidre Hall) was possessed by The Devil on Days of our Lives. Inspired by the classic horror movie The Exorcist, this spook-tastic storyline chronicled Marlena’s Satanic antics all over Salem. Some loved it and some didn’t, but nobody can deny that Days made TV history with this wild stunt. Join us for the hellacious fun!
Part 1 Episode #1995-7528 (Aired 5/12/95) Kristen is onto MarDevil, who turns herself into a panther and also summons a swarm of killer bees to sting Shawn.

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Part 2 Episode #1995-7531 (Aired 5/17/95) Marlena acts pregnant dogy to her loved ones, as she levitates and speaks in a demonic voice. Diagnosis? Exorcism, STAT!

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Part 3 Episode #1995-7570 (Aired 7/18/95) Everyone in Salem thinks Marlena’s dead, but John fights Satan for his true love’s soul and saves her life.
This one includes a very young Tara Reid playing Sami’s friend….

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