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Kate’s Tips for Ripping Videos December 28, 2007

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Kate’s Tips for Ripping Videos

Kate’s Tips for Video Fun!

I just got some new software for online video capture – Replay Media Capture- it allows you to record flash content from webpages. I used it on the FOX page and am working on getting a ton of Heroes and assorted SCI-FI channel content for my other fandoms. Does not work with everything- but it does pick up a big chunk of stuff my other sw just could not.

I just got a new little thing for recording from my satellite box- will see how it goes. I have some stuff saved I want to play with. Right now I am getting broadcast clips by recording them with my dvd recorder at the highest quality settings.

I use a hodge podge of sw to get my videos converted and edited- through trial and error I have devised a system that is pretty quick and easy. For DVDs 1st step is usually the free DVD Decrypter. This will crack codes and output your video files to a standard IFO or VOB file.

Next I use VideoReDo to convert files from dvds to mpg and rip out commercials- and clip ads to save- it is very easy and user friendly and will work with tivo and other set box files. Works great with the dvds I make using my dvd recorders. VideoReDo can also normalize frame rates and adjust stream errors with their quick fix tools which makes me very happy. I have been backing up my personal dvd collection and many older dvds (X-FILES) are not as standard as the ones you buy today and require some massaging of the files before final output….

I use AVS to convert video to any format I need, I have the divx pro-converter so I can adjust my conversion criteria and convert with the highest quality. Some of my dvd recorder disks can be converted direct from disk with AVS- but only if ripping out commercials is not needed.

I use the free Videora ipod converter to make everything portable. This nifty tool is also available in other portable device flavors-look up Videora and say PSP to find the formatting tools that are right for you. IT IS FAST. This is what my sister uses to convert all of her Youtube rips to ipod and she loves it. It can handle practically any file you download and want to watch on your handheld.

Sounds like a lot but each step is quick. I can rip a dozen episodes from disk with commercials editing in a couple of days. This is not full days- just a few minutes of set up here and there and then walking away. I do recommend a dedicated video system if you want to do this- keep your video stuff away from your regular computing as the conversions are resource hogs.

Any questions- comments or other tips you want to share please do so!


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