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My Review of Lois & Clark The New Adventures of Superman Season 1 December 28, 2007

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My Review of Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman The First Season
Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Much better than I remembered, May 30, 2007

I have to admit something up front- I did not watch Lois and Clark when it was on – mainly because I am a sci-fi snob and had a really tough time with the incredibly cheesy special effects. Lois and Clark premiered the same year as the X-files, and the next year ER and Friends premiered. I never got into the show- I loved the SUperman movies with Christopher Reeve and had a tough time accepting Dean Cain as Clark Kent.
Fast forward- I have watched Smallville now for some time having got hooked on the DVDs and then watching first run epis last year when SUpernatural moved to Thursdays after it. I love the interaction between Tom Welling and Erica Durance as Lois and Clark.
I was told that much of the banter and styling for their relationship was lifted from LOIS and CLARK. Thus this review.
I find the show now to be utterly charming! Terry Hatcher as Lois is tough, savvy and still a little vulnerable- but only with Clark or her sister.

Clark? He has a wonderful relationship with his parents- I love the L&C interpretation of Martha as a bit of a kooky overgrown hippy artsy type and Clark is definitely not the nerd of the past- more a little shy and not always certain of things , but with Lois he is witty and smart and other women see his brawn and good clean cut looks right away. Dean Cain is the prototype for Clark Kent sex object- much like in Smallville we see him shirtless on a routine basis flexing his muscles and might.As Superman Dean is determined to help others but struggles with boundaries and how much he must sacrifice to be Superman. I find it interesting that we really see Clark Kent thinking of his alter ego as a separate individual apart from himself.

Tracy Scoggins as Kat is a hoot! Her overblown sexuality and constantly coming on to everything in pants reminds me some of Samantha on Sex and the CIty and adds some bonus levity when you don’t expect it.
John Shea is growing on me as Lex- it is hard to see anyone else as Lex though after being treated to Michael Rosenbaum for 6 years.

I bought the remaining 3 seasons and look forward to more fun. One thing is certain- I know why Smallville was brought to TV- Warner Brothers was treated shabbily by ABC with limited budgets and resources for this show and they wanted to make sure that the story of Clark Kent was told without the cheese that is the one thing that really mars Lois and Clark. But this was ABC. Can you believe ER also a Warner production was shot starting the year after Lois and Clark premiered? The first season of ER has better effects than Lois and Clark which speaks volumes about the networks airing the repsective programming.

CHECK IT OUT! Link to Amazon by clicking on the pic above. Price is under $30 US for the first season new and used. There are some epis on Veoh too- check them out!