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My Review of Ten Inch Hero Starring Jensen Ackles December 28, 2007

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My Review of Ten Inch Hero Starring Jensen Ackles
Saturday, Apr 14, 2007
So living in Phoenix has its advantages- I made it to the morning showing of Ten Inch Hero at the Phoenix Film Festival. Decent crowd for a 9:20 am showing- was at the Harkins Theater in Scottsdale.
Ten Inch Hero is the new movie that Jensen Ackles made last summer. A small independent film it co-stars Elisabeth Harnois ( from Point Pleasant and OTH), Clea Duvall, Daneel Harris ( OTH), John Doe ( Liz’s dad on Roswell) and Sean Patrick Flannery.
The film is set and shot in Santa Cruz, California. Doe plays Trucker- an aging surfer and sandwich shop owner with a crew of unusual young people who work for him. The movie opens with Piper played by Harnois seeing a sign in the window that says “normal people need not apply”. She walks in and after a very democratic hiring process joins our little family.
Duvall plays Jen- a shy, nerdy girl, very self-conscious who lives for her online romance with a guy she has never met. She is joined by Tish played by Harris who hasn’t met a hot guy she’s never bedded….she uses and abuses and manipulates every guy who walks in with disturbing ease- much to the disdain of our Mohawk sporting free spirited guy Priestly played by — well you know who….Ackles.The movie is a nice comedy with a really well balanced storyline that allows all members of the cast to shine and develop such that by the end you really like all of these people and wish you could spend more time with them. Not to give anything away but as Priestly with a Mohawk, tatoos, piercings and HE WEARS A KILT! Jensen steals every scene he is in and that comedic star quality we see on Supernatural is showcased beautifully.

If he can continue to build on his body of work with fine film choices like this- by the time he is ready for the next phase of his career- the sky will be the limit!
Jennifer Aniston followed this track- pick some really good scripts in ensemble films and hone your craft outside of TV- Jensen is primed to do the same. He is funny, sweet, loyal, sensitive and yet very much a guy. I did have to laugh because we have him in a bit of a role reversal here- so many comedies have the “pretty ugly girl ” thing where we are to believe the lovely heroine who wears overalls won’t turn heads- in Ten Inch Hero Jensen Ackles is the pretty ugly guy who the girl of his dreams finally recognizes in the end…..

As for the other stars? The word that keeps coming into my mind is BALANCE. This film has a wonderfully well balanced cast who put out really good balanced performances. There isn’t one person in our main group I didn’t like and want to spend more time with. I went with my sister and she turned to me at the end- and said- “wow- this would be a great TV series”. To invite a group of people into your home on a weekly basis in my opinion is the highest compliment one can give.
The hippy dippy setting of Santa Cruz is accurate- I am from California and know plenty of people like this. The comfortable relaxed atmosphere made spending time with the staff at our bistro something I know I would like to do again and again.
The last time I saw a small movie that resounded this well with me was Mystic Pizza- the independent film that launched Julia Roberts, Annabeth Gish and Vincent Donofrio.
Highest praise from this viewer! I gave the film a 5 out of 5 for the film festival rating I turned in- based upon the crowd response I will be shocked if it doesn’t end up with a ranking of at least 4+ from the entire audience.

I can’t wait for this to hit general release so everyone can see this sweet, funny and touching film.

Go to for news and notices about when this movie will be a theater near you!


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    man Jensen is so hot in every movie or show that he stars in.. go jen..

  2. ana Says:

    he is so cute and not just his physical that this guy has a clear talent and should not be left to the two jared make the first instalment is clear without forgetting to producers, writers and so on.

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