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Heroes Season 1 HD-DVD Review December 29, 2007

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heroes hd

5.0 out of 5 stars Fan- Freaking-Tastic!, September 10, 2007

I re-watched the entire series over Labor Day weekend and loved it! I didn’t have my HD dish until mid-season so I missed the premiere etc in high def- these disks definitely make for a great viewing experience. I liked the tons of deleted scenes and the easy to navigate menus. I am a big fan of disks with the option to either watch a single episode or to play through. Universal doesn’t have any long boring repetitive intros to HD disks like other studios who will remain nameless….
Heroes itself is one of my favorite new shows and this is a stellar presentation package in brilliant HD video with great sound! Watching on my 65 inch HD tv with my Bose home theater system it was great!