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Clois Creative Corner Valentine’s Day Video Contest January 2, 2008


The 1st Clois Creative Corner Valentine’s Day Video Contest !
Open to all forum members and their friends.
Forum address:

*^Winners videos will be featured on the CCC video website
and will be given official winners banners and promotional artwork they can post on their own sites.

Grand Prize WINNER will get some very cool CLOIS SWAG! A big bunch of CLOIS goodies you will squeal in delight over…..

There are 3 categories you may enter and 2 video lengths:
1. Fan made video up to 7 minutes in length
2. Fan made trailer/short video up to 2 minutes in length

Video Categories:
1. CLOIS Valentine’s Day! This year marks 70 years of Lois & Clark and the Superman legacy, isn’t it time for some CLOIS romantic goodness to begin? Make a video with CLOIS goodness- funny, romantic, sexy- you choose the theme for your version of CLOIS with Tom Welling and Erica Durance as Lois and Clark. Crossover CLOIS videos ok too! LNC only or Superman movie only videos will fall into the vidders choice category for this contest.

2. Vidders Choice– this is the wide open category to share romantic fun with any TV show/film pairing you like. Want to do some fun multi-couple crossover videos? This is the category.

3. Anti-CLANA/Blahna Video– Since this year Lois and Clark are celebrating 70 years of being together and the SUPERMAN legacy- isn’t it time for CLANA to be done once and for all on Smallville? Show CLANA ending and do not feel any need to be nice or sweet….’cuz you gotta get over the bad girlfriend before you can move on to the real thing. Take out your frustrations with this category and win a prize!
This is the official Lana and Clana Haters video category- stand proud and show your disgust in the most clever and creative way you can. BTW- if you prefer to use this opportunity to show your disgust with Chloe or to diss Chloisers at this time- you can enter that subject matter into this category as well.

NOTE: Get as silly or racy as you like- we will not be censoring the videos if you want to use partial/nudity/ language in your videos , just post a warning with your entry ( this goes for all categories- just please no naked CLANA – I beg of you!)

1) All videos must be the sole original effort of the video maker or the team of video makers if more than one person is working together on an entry. Video must be new and made fresh for this contest!
2) All videos must be submitted as either wmv , MPEG-4 or avi files ( avi DIVX is fine, as is XVID).
3) Video should be no larger than 100 MB in size.
4) Multiple entries are not only ok but encouraged!

Please include the following information with your video:
1) Your name, e-mail address and age and your Clois Creative Corner forum user name.
2) The Title of your video,
3) A short description of what your focus is and what you were trying to say with your entry
4) Please list the music and video source material used in your submission ( episode #, movie etc- it is ok if you don’t have every single episode listed but let us know what season you took the material from)
5) Please list the video making program you used to make your video
6) Please list any user account info or other website that you own that you want included with your video- ie YouTube/MySpace/Veoh/Dailymotion/Stage6 user name or your own video / fan site

Please load your video to one of these sites,,,,, or and include the link with your submission. If video is under 20 MB in size you can simply e-mail it directly with your video submission information.

Once your entry has been received it will be posted to a special video playlist for the contest.
Clois Creative Corner members will vote on their favorites along with a panel of judges.
Winners will be notified by e-mail and annouced on CCC on 2/21/08.
Submissions will be accepted from 01/01/08-02/14/08

Please submit all entries to also shoot me (Supernatural66) a message on CCC letting me know you have entered.

Please check your e-mail and your SPAM folder for your submission confirmation which will include the link to your video so you can monitor voting.

* Videos can be submitted by members of Clois Creative Corner and their family but not by the panel of judges or their families.
**You are required to be a member to enter and you are required to be a member to vote on other videos in the contest
*^You can post your video elsewhere- you cannot claim winner status unless officially sanctioned by CCC.
Any other questions- please send them to Kate – supernatural66 on CCC!
This is a not for profit contest- all rights to the Superman and Clark Kent characters and to Smallville belong to DC Comics and Warner Brothers. No infringement intended. This is for fan based creative efforts only.


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  1. Ajeng_Lane Says:

    CLOIS is the cute Couple….. Cute couple….. I’m ready to see them fall in love

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