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Video Contest to help end the Writer’s Strike! January 2, 2008

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FairDeal4Writers Video Contest

December 21, 2007 By: tmc Category: The Contest

On November 4th the Writers Guild of America went out on strike. Since then our board members have been trying to negotiate with the AMPTP for a fair deal and since the strike affects everyone, we wanted to include you guys in our fight.

UnitedHollywood is asking you to shoot a video showing us how you would get the AMPTP to make a fair deal. Videos can be up to four minutes long and any genre from comedy, drama, mockumaentary or even commercial-like and must contain the phrase “fighting for the future.” The only other stipulation is the last line of the video must be “We’re all on the same page.”

The winner of the contest will receive an authentic WGA strike poster with over 150 signatures, autographed by writers, actors, actresses and directors who signed it while on the picket line.

To enter the contest just upload your video to YouTube then drop us a line at The contest ends January 20th, the winner will be announced on the 28th.