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Best of 2007 Voting time! January 6, 2008

It is that time of year again! is asking you to vote on your picks for 2007. The choices are different from last year.  Always fun- vote for the hottest actors and actresses- 2 Heroes are on the list for the guys and 1 for the gals, one brother from Prison Break, a surprising BSG nominee in the men and his onscreen lady made it into the women’s category- and it is not the Cylon who graced Playboy this year…..Supergirl Laura Vandervoort has flown into the race – we will have to see how super she is in the voting!

My pics?

Show of the year : Heroes

Best New Fall Show: Californication starring David Duchovny I can’t get enough of this beyond politically incorrect comedy! Though I wondered why Bionic Woman was on the list and not Chuck?

Best in Genre DRAMA: Heroes

Best in Genre COMEDY: My Name is Earl

Best in Genre Action/Adventure: Prison Break

Best in Genre Animation: Family Guy

Best in Genre Reality: Meerkat Manor

Best in Genre Science Fiction: Supernatural – it is close with SGA though in my book an in the polls but I had to vote for the guys!

Best of the Worse: Viva Laughlin- Hugh Jackman in a really shiny suit and singing

Best Guilty Pleasure: American Idol

Hottest Actors: Zach Levi aka CHUCK

Hottest Actress: Laura Vandervoort

Best Episode: Family Guy “Blue Harvest”

Best in DVD: BSG season 1 on HD-DVD  I OWN THIS AND WOW!

Best News Story: The WGA Strike