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Response to those who say so what to SN not being shown in repeats January 6, 2008

  On Thursdays- for now!

 My blog post from this weekend regarding the CW’s programming choice to pull Supernatural from the schedule is what I am referring to here.

This topic is all over Supernatural fandom and not everyone is seeing the same issues- there are people who are saying ” Don’t panic, it is no big deal” to them this is my response-take this from someone who has seen way too many quality shows get treated like a poor relations by short sighted networks:

My issue is the shows creators and stars get money from the repeats- no showings means no money and if Warner isn’t making money on SN then they will not be as prone to keeping it around.
I would rather see something stating SN would be back in the summer for a full run of repeats but we have heard nothing- that is why I am concerned. Shows shunted off into oblivion frequently end up staying there.
I personally do not know if there will be a CW next fall. Their big new fall shows have not produced the way they need them to. Reaper has not reaped the rewards expected, and Gossip Girl- well how many teeny boppers do they think are out there and what kind of big ad revenue will that show garner in the long run?

SN has had some great advertisers this season- better actually than Smallville which lost its big deal with Toyota that is had last year, even to the point that Clark is not driving the fancy truck he was in last spring.

Something fans can do is pound the heck out of the SN episodes online everyday while the show is not on the air and shoot emails to the feedback area on the CW site asking when SN repeats will be back on so you can watch them full screen on your TV. Better yet- since the writers, actors and director’s get no residuals from online showings-only the network benefits from this- just pound the feedback link asking where is Supernatural?