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Downloading videos from Stage6 with Veoh Client January 8, 2008

Here is a trick for downloading videos from Stage6.
When you install the Veoh client make sure you install the browser plug-in as well. This is one of the options you have when you install Veoh.

A small tag will appear in your browser frame with the Veoh logo and two buttons- a small play button and the rss symbol. For most websites there will be a 0 next to these buttons.

When you open a video page in Stage6 a 1 will appear in the play button area. In Firefox this is in the lower right hand corner of the frame.

(Click on image to view full screen )

CLick on the play arrow and then a window will pop-up cueing the video to download into Veoh.

Click download and rename the video if you like and that is it! Video will be downloaded into your Veoh folder- you can find it on your PC by right clicking on the video in your Veoh library and finding its location- you can move it to a new folder or leave it there. As it was not downloaded from Veoh it will not be deleted by Veoh the way Veoh deletes videos you dl from it when they are pulled for copyright violation.