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Medium Returns with a Bang! January 8, 2008

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Medium returned to NBC on Monday with a great season opener. Last season left us with Allison having her abilities exposed to the media and out of work at the D.A’s office. She is out of work and so is husband Joe. The kids are trying to have their own lives and the family struggles to figure out what to do next. Allison’s dreams don’t stop just because she is not being paid to help figure them out and the premiere episode has Allison troubled by visions of a little boy being kidnapped from a toy store and then killed. Nobody will listen to her until a detective played by Angelica Huston comes to see her. I can’t wait to see how this season plays out! Allison and her boss Davalos are both on the outside now- how will they be able to work together to stop the bad guys and speak for the innocent?

See Angelica Huston talk about joining the show

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View them here- US only sorry.