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More about using Veoh and VeohTV January 8, 2008

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I wanted to give US viewers some info that you may find helpful on the new VeohTV option.

If you have high speed online access this may be a good alternative to downloading videos and trying to find current links for top shows.

Right now CBS, NBC and PBS are all signed up. You can subscribe to shows like Heroes and have episodes delivered to your PC to watch any time you want! No fees- totally free in great video quality.
Basically you are subscribing to the video content for online videos that are available for full length episode viewing on their website.
These videos can be subscribed to the same way you set up a subscription for new episodes on your cable box/satellite dvr- using your computer and the new VeohTV software.

I plan to catch the new CBS shows Cane and Moonlight this way- they are scheduled to be added to the CBS menu once the shows premiere!

Veoh is in talks with the CW as well to offer their online shows as well so you will be able to watch Supernatural in nice big high quality videos right through Veoh…..

So here is all the technical info about VeohTV- this is right from the Support area on the Veoh website.

VeohTV is a new updated system built on the regular Veoh player and download system.
It is designed to act as an online DVR.
First step is to install the software available from Veoh- you can find info on VeohTV under the SUpport tab on the Veoh website


Veoh Overview

1. What is VeohTV?
VeohTV is a software application that enables you to discover, watch, and save Internet video.
Watch video from thousands of web sites in one full screen application. You can watch streaming video from major television networks such as Fox and CBS, to independently-produced content available on sites such as YouTube, Google Video, and MySpace. You can also navigate with a keyboard and mouse or use a PC remote control. VeohTV is like a free DVR for web video. Watch video on-demand or record it to your hard drive to watch later.

2. How does VeohTV work?

Veoh consists of two main elements. The first, is the site where you can browse videos available on Veoh, create a user account and profile, interact with other broadcasters and viewers and preview videos within your browser. The second part of Veoh is the VeohTV application, which aggregates video from thousands of web sites around the web. You can browse channels or search for videos using keywords and either watch them immediately or download them to your computer to watch later. VeohTV also works with, allowing for the delivery of full-length, original quality video for viewing on your PC (online or offline), on your TV (its easy from most PCs) or on your portable video device like an iPod or Sony PSP.

Using VeohTV software to watch your videos

1. What videos can I watch using VeohTV software?
You can watch any video you find on using your VeohTV software (as long as you have the correct player software installed.) While browsing on you can select “download this video” to have any single full-length, full-quality version delivered to VeohTV. You can also “subscribe” to a series of videos, all videos from a user or all videos with a specific tag – and any new videos will automatically be delivered to VeohTV. In addition, you can watch videos from thousands of websites by searching for video or browsing channels within VeohTV.

2. How long does it take to get my videos delivered to VeohTV?
Videos that are currently being delivered to VeohTV can be found in the Downloads section of the Library. These lists will show you videos that you have selected, or have been added for one of your subscriptions, that are currently being delivered by the Veoh distribution network to your computer. Delivery time is determined by a number of factors, including the speed of your internet connection, the size of the video (length and video quality) and anything else you are doing on the machine while it is downloading.

3. How do I find videos that have been delivered to VeohTV?

By selecting the “Library” tab on VeohTV you can see all the videos that are currently available for playback. You can also view your Library by subsets, such as all New videos (those you haven’t seen) or by Category, Channel or Broadcaster by using the View drop-down menu. You can also create your own playlists to organize videos in your VeohTV library. Videos that you have downloaded are also visible via the VeohTV guide Home menu.

4. How much space do the downloaded videos take up on my hard drive?
You determine how much of your hard drive space is allocated to VeohTV for local downloaded videos. This is specified in the application Settings in the VeohTV Menu.

Using VeohTV to watch programmed videos

1. What programs and channels can I watch using VeohTV?
Veoh has programmed a number of broadcast television channels as well as popular channels from and other popular sites. Some of these include CBS and shows like CSI and Survivor as well as Fox, PBS, Car and Driver, Road and Track, Discovery Channel and hundreds more.

2. How often is the programming updated?
Veoh is constantly updating the programming and adding channels and individual videos. Updates to the entire programming line-up occur multiple times daily. Often, it is up to the video content publisher to update their content before it will be updated on VeohTV.

3. How can I add a Channel to the list?
At this time there is no mechanism to add your channel or any channel you like to VeohTV. Stay tuned though, soon you will be able to add custom channels to your favorites. If you are a content publisher and would like to have your content featured in VeohTV, please submit a request.

4. I live outside of the US, how come I cannot play some videos?
Unfortunately, Veoh does not have license to distribute content restricted to certain regions. This is not our restriction or limitation, rather it is a restriction being imposed by the content owner.

Searching for online videos with VeohTV

1. How do I search for videos with VeohTV?
Searching for videos across the internet is very simple with VeohTV. Click the Search tab and use the keyboard to enter a search term.

2. What does VeohTV search?
Veoh returns search results from Yahoo!, Google (YouTube), and Click the result tab to view results from the other online video services.

3. Can I save searches or videos?
You can save a search, which saves the search term to My Favorites, or if the option is available for the individual video, you can download it, or save it, to your Library. Some videos cannot be saved because they are streams. Videos downloaded from may be of significantly higher quality than when viewed directly. streams a lower quality version of some content and enables you to download HD or near HD quality videos from the Peer to Peer Network.

How to use the Interact mode

1. What is Interact mode?
Interact Mode is a view that let’s you continue watching video while playing with YourMinis widgets. These widgets can be customized and changed to suit your individual needs and tastes. Check email, play games, read the news or blogs, all while watching your favorite videos.

2. How do I change my “YourMinis” layout?
Changing the layouts is very simple. You can drag and drop widgets around the page or between tabs. You can also add or remove tabs according to your taste. You can also save your layout to a new YourMinis account and make it available from outside of VeohTV, and vice versa, you can log-in to your existing YourMinis account and view your previously saved layouts.

3. Where does the Current Playlist come from and how do I change it?

As a new VeohTV user with nothing in your Library, we begin playing the Veoh Favorites from Otherwise, whatever video you begin playing from the VeohTV guide or the Library will be displayed in the playlist with all other videos queued up behind it.

Home Delivery

1. What is Home Delivery?
Home Delivery allows you to send video to your VeohTV at home from any computer with an internet connection. You can also utilize Home Delivery to syncronize video downloads across multiple computers with VeohTV. To send a video via Home Delivery, follow these steps:
* Visit any video page on
* Selec Home Delivery from the dropdown list below the Download Video button
* Click the Download Video button
Home Delivery enabled for your account on while at work or at a friend’s house. Then as you browse you simply click “Home Delivery” instead of “Download” for any video. Later, when you are logged-in as the same user at home, the video will begin to download.

2. How do I enable Home Delivery?
On, navigate to and click “Enable Home Delivery”. Then on the appropriate “Home” computer, open VeohTV -> Menu -> Settings… -> Subscriptions tab and select the check box in the lower Home Delivery section.

3. How do I find videos that have been Home Delivered?
You can simply look for videos in the Library with the “New” icon or you can sort the View by selecting the Home Delivery option from the drop-down. Home Delivered videos will also appear in My Library in the VeohTV guide.

The Browser Plug-In Tool

1. What is the Browser Plug-In?
This is a web browser tool that allows you to download videos or subscribe to videocasts from thousands of sites on the Web. The plug-in works with Internet Explorer and Firefox and notifies you when videos or videocasts are available on any website you visit.

2. How do I use the Browser Plug-In?
As you navigate to web pages, like or other video sharing sites, the Plug-In will indicate a count of downloadable files and/or a count of rss feeds containing videos. Clicking on the Plug-In launches a small application window with some download options. This can be very handy for quickly downloading video from many sources and then sitting back and watching them later in VeohTV.

3. What are Videocasts and what does Subscribe do?
A Videocast (also know as a podcasts) is a special type of RSS feed that includes links to videos. Using VeohTV and the browser plug-in you can subscribe to a videocast to automatically receive videos downloaded to your computer whenever the videocast is updated. Some of the most popular videocasts are updated on a daily basis.

Playback Problems

1. Sometimes the videos are jittery or seem to pause a lot, why?
If the video you’re attempting to play starts to skip, is jittery, or pauses frequently it may be because your internet bandwidth may be overutilized. This may happen because you’re performing multiple tasks, such as playing video, checking email, surfing the web, etc. You can try closing some of your other tasks to resolve the playback problems. This issue may also occur if your internet provider is experiencing bandwidth problems or if you’re on low-bandwidth connection.

2. Sometimes the videos skip to the next one without playing, why?
If you attempt to play a video and it skips to the next, it may be due to a temporary bandwidth slow-down. If this occurs repeatedly, please click the Report a Problem button at the bottom of VeohTV and provide the title and channel of the problematic video.

3. I have installed the codec but still cannot play the video, why?
Certain codecs may require that you restart VeohTV before they are enabled. If this occurs you’ll need to first exit VeohTV, install the codec, and then restart VeohTV. You can exit VeohTV by right-clicking the VeohTV icon in the system tray and selecting Exit.

4. What codecs do I need to have installed?
VeohTV provides videos from thousands of websites and those websites provide the videos in various formats. In some cases, you may need to install a codec to play these formats. If you do not have the appropriate codec, VeohTV typically attempts to identify the format and displays a dialog to get the codec. The most common codecs you may need include:
* Windows Media Video
* Quicktime Video
* Flash Video
* DivX Video

Final Notes-
So the latest version of VEOH has a sneaky new feature to try to keep control over the video content you download- they hide your VEOH download folder and files when you go into to search for them on your hard drive. Your VEOH folder is invisible.
To move videos to a folder you can access so that you can convert files to other formats or burn to disk follow this simple procedure

1. Make a new folder in your MY Videos folder , name it whatever you want I call mine FILES
2. Open your Veoh software and go to your library
3. Select a video and right click on it to see the Find Video on My PC option- select this
4. Now while this window is open, use your mouse and right click on the files you want to move using the cut function, you should be able to navigate to your new video folder and then click paste to move the files from your hidden Veoh folder to your new FILES folder.

Sneaky so and sos! But we can get around them……


2 Responses to “More about using Veoh and VeohTV”

  1. Albedo Piazolla Says:

    I think Veoh is a great application/website but recently I have been getting these enc files along with the flv files. They cause the files to be unplayable outside of Veoh and unconvertible (at least for me). Also veoh deletes videos it sees infringing. It’s okay just wish they would tell me first before they delete files off of my computer. It may be to keep copyright companies off of their backs. Other than That it works great. I can get my vids another way anyway and it’s not much slower.

  2. Best bet is to use the nifty “find on my pc” button to find your files when you have downloaded actual files not flvs and then move them to another folder outside of your Veoh folder. This saves the video and you can view as you please!
    I have the same weird issues with the flv files- not sure what they are doing to make those hard to use on other platforms…

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