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1 Year Since Hydro- Celebrating the anniversary of the 1st CLOIS Kiss on Smallville! January 11, 2008

hydro anniversary

Anniversary card by me Supernatural66

To many more CLOIS goodness moments this year!

Even if it means re-watching seasons 4-6 on Smallville and all of Lois & Clark

On January 11, 2007 the Smallville episode Hydro aired. Directed by Tom Welling, written by Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders this was one of the best episodes of the season and full of firsts on Smallville. I am going to ignore the fact that the producers pulled the rug out from under us only 2 episodes later by bringing back the same old boring Lana and Clark crap- this episode was really the culmination of the Green Arrow build up and it was one of my favorites of the season. Guest star was Tori Spelling and she did a great job as a meteor infected gossip reporter.

I have tons of clips, promos and trailers, fan videos, artwork and some essays and reviews to share- please respond with all the CLOIS fun you like! This year marks the 70th Anniversary of Superman and the one constant over that 70 years has been Lois Lane. Erica Durance and Tom Welling proved in HYDRO that Lois and Clark in every version and imagining is sexy, fun and irresistible!

Hydro Trailers and Promos

Longer Mid-Year Promo on Stage6

Hydro Poster by RKC – click to view full size and then right click to save to your desktop!MY CLOIS Edit- all of the best parts of Hydro with Lois & Clark

On Stage6– requires DIVX codec and Webplayer – nice viewing

Alternate viewing – no special codecs required:


6 Responses to “1 Year Since Hydro- Celebrating the anniversary of the 1st CLOIS Kiss on Smallville!”

  1. Hell YEAH!!!!! 1 year baby!!! one of the bets episodes of season 6th…..wonderfully directed by Tom….and one of the best moments of the ALL show….The CLOIS kiss…..and it’s because those moments that you see why Tom and Erica are the best Clois untl now and why they should be the ones portrying the Clois on the Big screen

    Go Clois!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Holli Says:

    Kate! Awesome Clois goodness. (sigh) A year since the first kiss. Let me just wallow in that moment. I’ll have to revisit it to get through the rest of this season. Hydro was one of those mythic episodes that captured the spirit of both Clark and Lois. Positive, forward moving, and just darn right sexy. Clark finding out Lois thought he was a good, scratch that, GREAT kisser is too priceless for words. And he got all spiffed up to go over to the apartment. It’s those moments that have carried Clark and Lois through 70 years — people yearn to see those and keep coming back for more. I’m just hoping we get a few more of those moments soon. Thanks for putting this all in one place!

  3. Kimmie Says:

    I agree, Hydro was the best episode of the season. We had so much advancement in that one episdoe.

    We actually saw the close friendship that has developed between Lois and Clark and not just told. We saw the first inkling of Clark opening his eyes to possibility of Lois Lane being more than just a thorn in his side and more than just a friend. We saw Clark, albeit disguised as GA, let loose have a little fun and actually have show some flair with his powers. I mean that leap he took off of the dumpster, I’ve never seen him so “loose” in front of anyone else, not even Chloe. We got some more anvils – “he could tell me he was from Mars right now and I would find it as way to dismiss it as an endearing quirk” and “Lois, you’re like a pitbull on a pantleg, you’re never going to let this go until you know for sure.” Love the circle back to the Oracle episode, where Clark says Lois knows him better than anyone and now Lois says that Clark knows her so well.

    As I’ve said before, the Clois scenes in Hydro were such a departure from the rest of the SV soap opera storylines. It was like watching a totally different show – it had the right balance of humor, romantic comedy, action and a little bit of drama.

    Finally, we got to see what a great team this Lane and Olsen would be. If only TPTB would take advantage of the chemistry that exists between this Lois and Clark, this Lois and Jimmy and this Lois, Clark and Lex. It would pay homage and justice to the origins of Superman/Lois Lane/Clark Kent.

    Thanks Kate for the great memories.

  4. U.2.K. Says:

    Nice page, clois 2008!

  5. Marinka Says:

    Kate it’s really great what you’ve done. Thank you for all this Clois awesomness.!!
    Kimmie pretty much summed it up what makes this episode so fantastic,totally agreed! I’m with everyone who thinks that Hydro rocked so much!!

  6. misslane Says:

    cool anniversary!!!!!
    the truth: clois rules and I hope to see SOOn another episode such as Hydro or crimnson!!!!!

    cool blog entry, supernatural

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