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More Medium News, Promos & Online Episodes January 11, 2008

PROMO for the next episode of MEDIUM on NBC

I am thrilled to see that one of my favorite shows Medium is really getting the full court press this winter as one of the few scripted shows to have a nice number of completed episodes. We will be seeing 9 in total with the first one having aired last week.

One inaccuracy in the premiere episode- not sure about in California where the series is shot – but here in Arizona where I live and the series is set- you do not go to an unemployment office anymore. They have been shut down- all transactions and dealing with the unemployment people is via phone and the internet. Oops! And Joe would be getting somewhere around $400 per week in Arizona at his salary level not the $240 per week. I think that is the California payout. Maybe their writers should do a little research eh?

No more nit-picking! I have plenty of that to do with Smallville but that is another blog entry……


Medium- read the nifty article over at where Jake Weber and Patricia Arquette talk to the IESB folk. I really like IESB by the way- great content and all of the shows I follow get coverage over there. PLUG!

SCIFI Wire on has an interview with Jake Weber talking about how this was supposed to be a short season but not just 9 episodes. He really doesn’t know where things will go but is interested to see how the producers work things out.

CROSS promotions and advertising by NBC for MEDIUM: