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The Sarah Connor Chronicles Premiere Party News from MOAD January 11, 2008

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My sister Erika who is one of the admins at aka MOAD had the good fortune of being asked to attend the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles premiere party in Hollywood this week. Check out her site for her exclusive photos, interviews and first person accounting of the red carpet experience! Check out her personal interviews with Brian Austin Green and Owain Yeoman – interviews with the primary cast to post over the weekend- just in time for the big Sunday night premiere. Who knows what kind of ratings TSCC will get with the Golden Globes cancelled. I would love to see it do really well!

Short Clip with Lena at the premiere on Access Hollywood last night:

Thomas Dekker, Lena Headey and Summer Glau on E! News Today yesterday from the red carpet at the premiere in Hollywood Wednesday night:

This is a new trailer that I caught last night while recording entertainment TV looking for SCC premiere party footage:


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