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Premiere Countdown for Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles January 12, 2008

Go to for all of the latest breaking news on The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Tons of breaking news on the new FOX show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles!

1st- a new promotion stunt!

During the NFL Pre-game show the TSCC cast did their break in thing warning us about the future and prompting us to watch the series premiere. Check it out in our video channel or on Stage6.

[image] On SCC Video Channel

[image] On Stage6

2nd- We have an official snack for the premiere!

See MOAD for details on the Mother of All Cupcakes promotion being run for the series premiere. Erika says “This explains why they were serving up tons of cupcakes at the premiere party!”

3rd- Behind the Scenes and the making of T:SCC

Posted to Sarah Connor Society Video Channel by kateblake_2000 on January 12, 2008

4th Meeting the Fans! Fox coverage of the Special showing last weekend at the Golden Apple comic book store in Los Angeles and fan reaction and enthusiasm after viewing the new pilot