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The Sarah Connor Chronicles Episode 3 Spoilers! Photos, trailers January 16, 2008

Visit for tons of T:SCC photos, screen caps and more!

Spoiler images from FOX for the next episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, trailers and more!

Click on thumbnails to view full size in the MOAD Gallery

JC has a couple of excellent new HD trailers up! See them on his site or here:

103 Trailer #1
[image] HD On Stage6 to view or DL in HD

Or view online with no special codecs required in the Sarah Connor Society video channel:
Posted to Sarah Connor Society Video Channel by kateblake_2000 on January 14, 2008

103 Trailer 2- Courtesy JC at SVFan

MY Screen shots from the two trailers: You can download these images in a RAR file on Rapidshare

Special from EXTRA on Monday Night:

[image] On Stage6 in HQ to DL & View