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Mulder & Scully Return! 1st official Promo pics High Res from X-Files 2 January 17, 2008

Hot off the Fox presses!

4 gorgeous high res pics of Mulder and Scully from the set of the upcoming X-Files 2 movie being shot right now in Vancouver.

Click on thumbs to view high res!

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Don’t Gillian and David looks awesome? I cannot wait for this summer- so many good movies for once to look forward to. The return of my favorite FBI agents is one to savor and enjoy.

For story spoiler info USA Today has a good story today stating that there will indeed be no aliens in this chapter.

USA Today got these quotes from series creator/ movie executive producer and screenwriter Chris Carter:

“We spent a lot of time on (the mythology) and wrapped up a lot of threads” when the show went off the air in 2002, says Chris Carter, creator of the series and director of the new movie. “We want a stand-alone movie, not a mythology conspiracy one.”

“There’s a whole audience I want to introduce X-Files to,” Carter says. “There were kids who couldn’t watch it on TV because it was too scary. Now they’re in college. I wanted a movie that everyone could go to.”

No plot points and no title have been announced yet at this time. The working title for the film is “Done One” I suspect we will have a real title by the end of February/early March when shooting is set to wrap up.  We learned the title of the new Indiana Jones film as they were finishing shooting as well.