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New 1/18/08 More CCC CLOIS Valentines Day Video Contest Entries January 19, 2008

Click on the banner above to read the details on entering the contest! Taking entries through 2/14/08

See my previous blog entry for the first big round of videos entered!

New Entries! Sorry it took me a while to get these posted- I had some trouble getting Magnify to behave.
Stage6 videos can be viewed in nice high quality viewer online or downloaded. You need the DIVX codec and webplayer to view.
You can view online- no special codecs required in the Clois Creative Corner Video Channel

All Contest Entries can be viewed on the CCC Valentine’s Day Contest Page

Now Showing! 2 more entries!

1st- my apologies to Holli- I have been having Magnify problems all week- I have had to re-encode practically everything before it would load – this one was submitted last week!

Number 3 in our Anti-CLANA category is this anti-Clana entry by Baudyhallee
[image] That’s a Lie!
[image] On Stage6

Making this 10 entries in the CLOIS category we have…….
A SUPER SEXY Clois entry by Melanie aka LuvCK is up too!R-Rating on this one for partial nudity. View on Stage6 for best resolution on this one- my re-encoding lost a little of its sharpness- still better than YouTube though. I know you want to see the sexy ones high res ;)
[image] Glow
[image] On Stage6