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Tom Welling Attends American Teen Premiere Party at Sundance January 25, 2008

American Teen has a big page on Facebook with lots of info on the movie. The movie sold this week to Paramount for distribution– so good news for the team behind American Teen!

Many are calling American Teen the best film of the festival so it looks like Tom has good taste.

Click on the index shot here to go to my web album where I have loaded these pics for easy viewing. Tom Welling was so impressed by the documentary independent flick American Teen that premiered at Sundance this week that he asked to be photographed with the stars and attended the premiere party along with his wife Jamie. Jamie is the tall brunette wearing the beret type hat. Tom is wearing his Boston Red Sox hat- this must be a favorite-it shows up whenever he is off on vacation!


3 Responses to “Tom Welling Attends American Teen Premiere Party at Sundance”

  1. Nreynoso Says:

    Tom is really beautifull, He must do more activities like his more public appereances and I want to see him in the big screen again…

  2. Fan Says:

    A really nice picture of Tom, his beautiful wife Jamie and their friends. It’s great to see an actor with amazing looks be so reserved and grounded.

  3. Jo Says:

    He is truly the most beautiful man alive! They make a beautiful couple! Soooo envious. 🙂

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