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Smallville Returns this week Episode 710 Persona SPOILERS January 27, 2008

We finally get a new episode of Smallville this week and it is a doozy!

Two top guest stars- James Marsters return as Brainiac would be more than enough in most scenarios but he is not our only guest.
Picture here is from Episode 507 Splinter
We get yet another nod to the Superman fandom with the appearance of Marc McClure who played Jimmy Olsen in the four Christopher Reeve Superman movies.
From Superman the Movie in 1978- shown with Margot Kiddor
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A fan video with Marc McClure as Jimmy Olsen to get you in the mood for this week’s episode!

Marc McClure as Jimmy Olsen in this scene from Superman 2 The Donner Cut

James Marsters talking about being Brainiac- from season 5 in 2005

Best moments of Brainiac!

Some fun clips from Season 5 featuring James Marsters and the clips from the episode Wrath which show Brainiac being released from his prison in the lab…..

Brainiac Fan Videos!

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Where to see more!

See all of James Marsters as Brainiac in Smallville Season 5- available on DVD
or on HD-DVD

ultimate superman
Check out the Ultimate Superman Movies Collection to get all of Marc McClure’s appearances in the original movies with Christopher Reeve- this collection includes The Donner Cut of Superman 2