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Australia the Movie- Best Source for News! February 3, 2008

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While looking through an assortment of movie news I found this amazing fan site dedicated to the forthcoming movie Australia by Baz Luhrman. This site already has a huge picture gallery, tons of news, video clips and interviews with the cast and crew of this ambitious love story set against the sweeping majesty of the Australia outback around the time of World War II.

THIS Gorgeous 2 page spread in upcoming Vanity Fair is an example of the items in the site’s gallery!

Hugh Jackman is playing a rough and tumble cattleman and Nicole Kidman is the Englishwoman who inherits a massive cattle ranch the size of the state of Maryland. They work together to make a success of things against difficult odds. The movie was shot in Northern Australia outside of Darwin- truly in Crocodile Dundee territory. For those who remember reading Colleen McCullough’s “Thorn Birds” this will be familiar territory.

I myself lived in south eastern Australia for a time as a child and travelled all along the north eastern coastline some years later. The immense size of this country and the vast emptiness is amazing- even to an American raised with open spaces and bright blue skies.

Hugh Jackman is no stranger to working in the bush- his first big break was playing a novice cowhand on the TV series based upon the “Man from Snowy River” stories. Nicole certainly does the cool lady well. I am looking forward to this period piece and hope to see it on the big screen. Baz Luhrman is a showman and he knows how to paint a canvas with words, images and sound. The Australian outback is a wonder and I eagerly await his interpretation of this landscape.

To stay up to date- check in with – until then Goodbye Mate and good on ya!


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