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How you can Help Dogs! February 6, 2008

Pedigree has had a long time commitment to helping dogs. Their website is devoted to their commitment to dogs and especially those in shelters needing adoption.

Right now you can do something fun and easy to help! Submit a photo of your dog to the million dog mosaic and Pedigree will donate a dollar toward helping dogs in shelters throughout the country.

Click on the picture below to go to the Pedigree site and submit your pooch’s picture and help dogs in need.

Pedigree has had David Duchovny as their voiceover spokesperson for years- you can catch some of his stirring narratives on why you should consider adopting a dog the next time you get a pet on their website.

David has had a long history of being a dog lover- as you can see by this vintage SKYONE interview from the early days of the X-files, and any of you big time Duchovny fans will remember his onscreen close relationship with the border collie “Stella” in Red Shoe Diaries. His current role on Californication has him playing the dog but that is another post……

Help out the poor pooches in shelters by doing something today to help a dog who needs it!


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