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Watch Brian Austin Green on talk about his part on TSCC February 7, 2008

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Watch Brian Austin Green on the Website! He was on The TomGreen show which is shot at Tom’s house and broadcast in his living room on the internet.

You can DL last night’s episode in HD, you view full screen online too.
BAG comes on about 7 minutes in, at about 16 minutes he talks about being on TSCC and they show the trailer for this weeks episode- the trailer is the one Maria has up on MOAD entitled THE STRANGER , it is in our video channel as 105 Trialer 1.

Click on the thumb image below to view:

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Erika with MOAD spoke to Brian at the premiere party last month in Los Angeles

Brian Austin Green Speaks out at Premiere!
Posted by Erika

Brian Austin Green Speaks out at Premiere!
By Erika Blake

T:SCC special guest star Brian Austin Green was in attendance at the premiere along with Megan Fox (from TRANSFORMERS.) I got an opportunity to speak with the former “90210” star before the showing of the premiere.

Brian was a very down to earth person who was exuberantly grateful & honored for being allowed the opportunity to become a part of the TERMINATOR franchise. I asked him if he loved the films growing up and he reminisced how he used to watch the ultra limited edition of TERMINATOR 2 over and over again on his laser disc player.

He was so proud to be a part of the new show and said that fans will be thrilled that each episode is like watching a movie each week, packed with action, and high budget.

When I probed him about his character, Brian squirmed and refused to spill the beans. When I asked if he got to do a lot of green screen work he replied, “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

He did reveal that his character will be appearing in Episode four and when finally I asked if we might be seeing his character in later episodes, he covertly replied that it’s possible.