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X-Files 2 STARS in San Francisco in 2 weeks! February 13, 2008

For what is the first time as far as I know- EVER! Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny will be leaving the frozen north of British Columbia and coming to San Francisco for WonderCon in San Francisco for a one time special appearance along with X-Files creator, writer and director Chris Carter and co-writer and producer Frank Spotnitz. They will be discussing the new movie and of course the series!!!!!!

THIS IS HUGE! If I could I would go. They will be appearing on February 23, 2008 at the Moscone Center. This is just south of downtown San Francisco and has easy access by BART , Cal-Trans and even Golden Gate Transit. When you are done you can walk up a few blocks and shop in the excellent Bloomingdales and really have me jealous.

Anyone who goes and gets pictures and can report on how it goes please shoot me a message! I will gladly post links to your blog/website so other fans can share in the X-Files coolness from WonderCon!


2 Responses to “X-Files 2 STARS in San Francisco in 2 weeks!”

  1. sloncek Says:

    Hey, didnt really see any othe xfiles but i got some pics from wondercon.. was only there for an hour….

  2. Thanks for sharing! The Moscone Center is huge- the X-Files sessions were marquis events- I think you had to have tickets for them. Nice shots of the Storm Trooper brigades!
    I went to a midnight premiere showing of ROTS and had a full brigade of troopers on my way in- was way cool. Not sure how they held up in the heat as it was pretty warm even at midnight.

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