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Supernatural Fan Video Contest! February 16, 2008

Alternate link for rules for entry:

My friend Jenny and I are proud to announce the first ever Hunter’s Addict and Clois Creative Corner Supernatural Fan Video Contest- see above for all of the details.
I will be handling all US/English entries and inquiries and Jenny will be handling all French submissions.

There are 2 categories you may enter and 2 video lengths:

1) Fan made video up to 7 minutes in length

2) Fan made trailer/short video up to 2 minutes in length

Video Themes:

1. BROTHERLY LOVE: theme will be the strong bond of family love and the ties that bind Dean and Sam as they go forward on their quest into the darkness fighting evil and struggling to save people. NO WINCEST VIDEOS ALLOWED!

2. ACTION : Your favorite Supernatural moments! The guys are the BEST HUNTERS – make a video showing them at their best and the down and dirty business of hunting.


1) All videos must be the sole original effort of the video maker or the team of video makers if more than one person is working together on an entry. Video must be new and made fresh for this contest!

2) Videos must be at least 640×480 as the aspect size for the video – if you need better clips contact us and we will help! No Youtube 320×240 videos accepted.

I have the clips that were provided for the CW SN trailer contest available right here- these are awesome and have the music already ripped out with just the voices included- download to jump start your video making.

For complete details- contact me or Jenny! Contact info on the contest details page

Winners will be notified by e-mail and annouced on both forums on 4/1/08. Submissions will be accepted from 02/21/08-3/25/08.


2 Responses to “Supernatural Fan Video Contest!”

  1. Karen Avizur Says:

    Hey, where are we supposed to submit our vids? Maybe I just missed it, but I don’t see anything.


  2. Full rules and details for entering including address to send entries to is at this link as in my blog entry:

    Blog entry is

    Only real additional thing besides giving the address to send videos to is the requirements on video type etc is given


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