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Eric Kripke talks about a possible Supernatural Spin-Off February 18, 2008

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Two interviews today from BuddyTV and Starpulse where Eric Kripke talks about how he would like to do a Supernatural spin-off- not that one is planned but what if.

He talks about delving into the mystery of Samuel Colt and his travels through the old west as a hunter going after things that go bump in the night without any technological help.

BuddyTV Interview: 

StarPulse Interview: 


3 Responses to “Eric Kripke talks about a possible Supernatural Spin-Off”

  1. bitch Says:

    sam i love you………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i die for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! S A M 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see you!!!do you know if he would come to greece???

  2. maryssa Says:

    u r my man i love u i will die for u. sam u the way my friend likes dean and no i did not forget about you!!!!!!!!!!!! SAM ROCKS and dean too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love ya

  3. bam Says:

    I don’t know about a supernatural spin off. I love the show and i dunno if a spin off would be as good. I guess that would also depend on the story line. Might be boring …might also be interesting to find out how samuel colt found out how to make a gun that can kill demons. seems like the story line would have a lot of action scenes and backstory to how everything got this way. I don’t know if i would like a spin off. supernatural is good they way it is i think

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