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Quick WinRar 101 February 21, 2008

One of my favorite programs for sending and receiving large files in WINRAR. This handy compression program is a must for file sharing of any kind of photos, images, presentations or videos that are larger in size. You can use the application to chop the data into smaller pieces for faster uploading and downloading to your favorite file sharing site.

This is a quick overview on how to extract a file once you have downloaded a WINRAR set of files called an archive.

Step 1
Select the files you wish to extract in the WINRAR window- make sure you have all of the download pieces for the individual file selected

Step 2
Go to the Wizard option and select unpack an archive and then designate where you want to assemble it, then unpack the archive. I don’t put a password on my stuff nor do I require you use any other assembly tools so this should work for you- f the file ends in the  file  suffix .html you will need the tool HJSplit to reassemble the archive.


Step 3
Check your extracted file- make sure it works – then delete the rar components- you don’t need them any more!

That is it. The WINRAR wizard makes things fast and simple.