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Jensen Ackles Press Tour in Australia February 23, 2008


Jensen Ackles one of the stars of Supernatural was in Australia last week as part of an official Warner Brothers press junket promoting their tv series in the land down under. There was a photoshoot – see my previous blog for HQ photos from the shoot– and numerous TV and radio interviews.

Supernatural is aired on Channel TEN in Australia and has been streaming episodes from the US since the fall so that Aussie viewers are not way behind in viewing this season. iTV in the UK is also now offering up episodes online just like they are on the main CW website here in the U.S.

Editorial insertion here: Fans of the show – if you want to help contribute to the ratings make sure you watch the show live in your home country and view legally online on your network’s sites. These viewings count into the numbers that help keep your favorite shows alive! Supernatural is also offered on Amazon Unboxed in the US and on iTunes in the US and some other select countries.

To the good stuff- I have collected together a ton of Jensen’s appearances from last week in one video collection you can view online. Click on the preview shot below to go to my playlist.

Want to see more of Jensen and missing Jared too? I have another nice collection- this one is a ton of clips of the guys at the Supernatural convention that was in Chicago in the fall in November of 2007.  Again- click on the banner to see the videos.



9 Responses to “Jensen Ackles Press Tour in Australia”

  1. […] For more on Jensen and his Australian press tour from February- read my earlier post […]

  2. […] For more on Jensen and his Australian press tour from February- read my earlier post […]

  3. Z£yN£P Says:

    Heey this movie is great.I’m Turkish but I’m fun it too.It’s not finish ok?I love all actors there and kiss you Jensen byee

  4. purnama Says:

    to : jensen
    you are my favorite man

  5. jensen Says:


  6. asi_kız Says:

    ı love you jensen please msn please

  7. thsdrygyr Says:

    ı love you supernatural

  8. Jinx Says:

    just want to say….I LOVE SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!!
    and, i also want to point out what a great team Jensen and Jared make, because Jared (Sam) is the cute one everyone likes (the boy next door type!) but Jensen is the bad boy everyone wants to be with so….. good combo!!!!!

    (did i really just say combo?!!!!)

  9. nong Says:

    ..perfect chemistry between two guys

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