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Jared Padalecki & Sandy McCoy Spend a week in Los Angeles March 7, 2008

Jared Padalecki and girlfriend – or is she his wife? Sandra Mccoy go to the Lakers game – March 2 – 2008 – 7 HQ

Check the second photo with Jared- that is a simple gold band on his left hand ring finger!

6 lovely HQ photos of Supernatural star Jared Padalecki at the March 4, 2008 premiere of Never Back Down with his girlfriend Sandy McCoy. Look at the second one in this series and I think we know why they were in town this week- that sure looks like an engagement ring and wedding band on Miss McCoy’s left hand ring finger!

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Did these two get married over the winter break? Where is the press release? Supernatural fans want to know!


One Response to “Jared Padalecki & Sandy McCoy Spend a week in Los Angeles”

  1. Kimberly Anne P. Velasco Says:

    you guys look very dashing and very lovable…i wish you both the best life ever…i hope you two have healthy kids like the others and i wish that all of you are going to be happy forever…oh, and jared, i hope you and jensen ackles are still brothers so that if someone will kind of ask, “how long have you been friends?” then you say, “almost forever…”isnt that great???well, i just like looking you and jensen still together just like brothers…ok…bye!!!

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