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Supernatural Goes Reality Show? March 7, 2008

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Annie in Chamberlain, South Dakota: Why am I hearing rumors about the CW turning Supernatural into a reality show?! What are its chances of coming back for another season (the way it is)?
I suspect the rumors you speak of have come about because of an upcoming storyline in episode 13, where the boys encounter a group of reality-show ghost hunters. But fear not, Jared and Jensen are not moving into a house to hot tub with other ridiculously smokin’ CW stars (though I’d watch that, too).Source: E!Online

This is the episode the producers have wanted to do for some time- the guys will be hooking up with the geek boys from season 1’s joke episode Hell House and doing a reality show episode much like the X-Files when they did the excellent episode X-Cops which is a perennial fan favorite!