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Sci-Fi Geek Challenge! Where are the people? March 10, 2008


This weekend the National Geographic Channel premiered a new special called Aftermath: Population Zero. This program was a hypothetical 2 hour exploration of how the world would cope with the sudden removal of humans from the planet.
The program opens with just another ordinary day on Friday the 13th of June. Suddenly and inexplicably all human life on earth and in the air and under the sea- every single human being just disappears into thin air. No bones, no bodies- nothing – we are all gone. We leave everything running- car engines keep running until they are out of gas, planes fly until they are out of fuel and fall from the sky, ships run until they hit land and are beached or sink.
Animals are left including pets- whose fate is explored in depth along with every other major wild species.
We see what happens as power plants shut down without humans to mind them and the planet enters a true dark age- but not until the nuclear power plants blow from their cooling tanks not being monitored.

My question and challenge to all of my fellow sci-fi geek friends:
Provide a hypothesis for how and why and who would do this? How could and the entire human species be extracted from the planet or vaporized all at once?
You can call upon any of your favorite sci-fi bad guys from film, tv or books or your own original idea! Where are the humans if they were removed from earth? Why would anyone do this? How? What other explanations can you come up with?


2 Responses to “Sci-Fi Geek Challenge! Where are the people?”

  1. John Says:

    You should know, if you don’t, that the History Channel did a show just like this a few months ago called “After The People.” Both are available to download if you look around (Aftermath is on BitTorrent) I suggest collecting both because they make good companion pieces for each other. I’m not sure which one is better, Aftermath might have better effects, but both have boring and interesting parts.

  2. But my question is- form a hypothesis about how this could happen. Who or what could be responsible for every man , woman and child instantaneously and simultaneously disappearing from the face of the earth? My vote is with the evil Ori from SG-1!

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