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Supernatural – Season 3 Update March 14, 2008

Supernatural will be returning to the CW on Thursday night following Smallville on April 3, 2008. No word on whether this will be a new episode or a repeat. The total number of episodes for this season has not been set- we have heard between 3-5 episodes more to finish the season. The writers and producers are back at work though so expect tidbits to start rolling in!

We have the initial episode names  and some casting/ plotline spoilers for the next two episodes of SN that are going into production now.

The first one- Ghostfacers will be the annual joke episode featuring the guys in a “reality” show that has them on a paranormal investigation show. Very much like the great X-files episode X-Cops which had Mulder and Scully running all over Los Angeles with the Cops crew chronicling their search for the unknown.

Episode Title: #313 – GHOSTFACERS!
EXEC PROD, Eric Kripke, Mc G, Robert Singer, Kim Manners;
PROD, Peter Johnson, Cyrus Yavneh, Phil Sgriccia;
DIR, Phil Sgriccia;
WRTR, Ben Edlund.
Shoot Dates: March 13, 2008 (in Vancouver, Canada).

20’s, Korean-American , she is smart and funny female, in the would-be reality show “GHOSTFACERS!” Maggie is bravely game to hunt ghosts with the guys and earns the title “research team co-leader.” She occasionally carries a digital video camera to get footage. She’s having a relationship with her brother’s best friend, another member of the team, which puts all the more pressure on their ghost hunt. Guest Star;

30s, any ethnicity, 6’6″ tall. He’s a towering, “line-backer sized” cameraman for the would-be reality show “GHOSTFACERS!” Deadpan and extremely low-key, even when faced with ghosts and the unknown. When Spruce stands and reveals his enormous size, even the Winchester brothers have to admit he could take them in a fight. Guest Star.

Source: SL@SpoilerTV

 Episode 3.14 will be called “Long-Distance Caller” and will feature a character called Leila.

Untitled Finale 

Kristin at EOnline has hinted that she has heard the season finale will have Dean going to hell! Not sure how much stock I put in this as she has been known to be wrong though.