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Lipstick Jungle- Hidden Gem March 20, 2008

I have been DVRing Lipstick Jungle on Thursday nights and viewing when I get a chance during the week.

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It has some of the best elements of Sex and the City- I like the main characters. Very human. Brooke Shields as Wendy Healy ia a long married mom who is also a studio big wig with a high powered, high pressure position, she is both strong and sympathetic .
Kim Raver as her friend Niko Reilly is a magazine editor whose marriage is stale and she is having an affair with a much younger sexy photographer.
Their younger friend is a fashion designer who is involved with a very private uber billionaire. I like her- actress is Lindsay Price- character is Victory Ford.

All three women are at crossroads in their lives and dealing with lots of things and making mistakes- there is humor and some drama and lots of fabulous clothes!

I have always liked Brooke Shields and Kim Raver grew on me over her tenure on Third Watch- hey she was married to Eddie Cibrian on that one- and Lindsay Price was a bright spot in the short run US version of Coupling. If NBC can let the show develop an audience I think it can grow into a big hit.

Supporting cast includes Julian Sands as Wendy and Niko’s boss- he owns the studio and magazine both. Victory’s billionaire beau is 80s brat pack alum Andrew McCarthy, Wendy’s hunky imported husband Shane Healy is played by Harry Dresden himself Paul Blackthorne. Hunky newcomer Robert Buckley is Niko’s fling Kirby Atwood. Like Sex and the City , Lipstick Jungle offers up plenty of male eye candy for the target female audience. And oh yeah- they picked eye candy that can act! Sands is great as the menacing boss- only slightly less scary than his turn as head Prior for the Ori on Stargate SG-1.

If you are in the US you can catch up at online and episodes are available from Amazon unboxed.

Lipstick Jungle

Show is nearing its end of initial episodes- then ER will be back in its Thursday night time slot.

Ratings have been solid and it is a top 10 show in the DVR numbers every week since it premiered. Word is the Amazon numbers are strong as well so I am suspecting it will be renewed. The network has already ordered more episodes.


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  1. KissMe Says:

    I LOVE IT! If I can’t be here to watch I record it. I’m not a real TV person but this show is great, I can’t wait for the new season. All my friends are watching too.

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