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America gets it right tonight April 2, 2008

American Idol Top 9 results show was tonight and America got it right vis a vis who went home. Ramiele Mulabay had a tough time connecting with the country song and looked visibly nervous last night during her rendition of “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind”.

The other girls who joined her in the bottom two were Kristy Lee Cook who even had her own tag for her stool in preparation for landing in the bottom three as she has week after week on this competition. How many more times can she survive this?

Newcomer to the bottom three was Mesa, Arizona native Brooke White. Brooke was really emotional as we had seen her earlier in the competition. She and Kristy both hugged Ramiele giving each other comfort before the final results were read. When Ramiele was named she broke down and Kristy held her tight until Ramiele could pull herself together for the final video with her journey. Much like when Alaina had gone home during the top 24 all of the girls came down to the stage to offer support to Ramiele when it was time for her to sing her way out. One funny- you could tell the guys were all feeling uncomfortable with all the tears and waited until Ramiele was singing before they came down to join the girls on the stage.

You can watch the Top 9’s performances from last night in my AI video channel- click here

Dolly Parton sang her new song “Jesus and Gravity” during the results show and then did what she does so well chatting with Ryan and charming the audience including the judges. She even complimented Simon on telling the truth when folks don’t want to hear it.

You can watch her interview that was broadcast on last night’s episode with the Top 9 performing her songs.