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Screencaps from Returning Shows- Supernatural,Smallville & Gossip Girl April 18, 2008

Watch in HQ DIVX my recording of COMING to the CW this Spring that ran as part of the Returning Shows special this weekend by going to

View online no codecs required here- includes interviews and behind the scenes stuff for Gossip Girl, Supernatural and Smallville.

Posted to TV Promos n Trailers by supernatural66 on April 15, 2008

I have a few screen caps of Michelle Trachtenberg talking about her new role on GG here- TVG spoke to her at the Buffy Reunion at Paley fest and at the Gossip Girl Paley Fest panel and I have a nice batch of screen caps from the special with the guys from Supernatural. Make sure you credit for the screen caps if you re-use or repost the images. Thank you!

To see my screen caps for the Smallville portion of the video go to the Operation Save Clark Kent blog or to the gallery


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  1. […] of the Smallville portion of the video for caps of Michelle Trachtenburg and the Supernatural shots see my other blog by clicking here. Please make sure you give credit to OSCK if you re-use any of these caps. You can view caps as a […]

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