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Jensen Ackles HQ Photos from May ’08 Movie Star Mag April 23, 2008

2 quick photos of Jensen in Movie Star Magazine the May 2008 issue- this is a Japanese publication. YUMMY!

Watch the return of SN this week on the CW with the episode Ghostfacers. See for tons of Supernatural news!


4 Responses to “Jensen Ackles HQ Photos from May ’08 Movie Star Mag”

  1. fannishland Says:

    I love these Jensen pics and I don’t think I had them in good resolution. Thank you!

  2. sairoong Says:

    wow, I love the serious look on jensen’s face. He’s not so goodloking when he smiles…

  3. Jell Says:

    Jensen looks awesome anytime, when he smiles, when he is serious, when he laughs, when he cries.

    He is absolutely handsome!

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