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Free Gallery Hosting & Coppermine for Dummies July 8, 2008

Check it out Here:

I put together two FREE Coppermine galleries this week- using 000webhost- a great FREE full featured webhosting site.

Operation Save Clark Kent Fan Art Gallery

Charmed HQ Photo Gallery
For fun Coppermine templates- go to the demo thread

on the Coppermine support site and scroll through available templates. Once you find something you like , go to the downloads area and download the file to your hard drive.

This is what you need to post your art/ photos in your own gallery:
1) Image resizing software that will allow you to optimize your photos/art for posting. I recomment VSO resizer. You want Coppermine wallpapers to be no more than 1200 x 1024 size and jpg format works best
I recommend the free program VSO Image Resizer

2) Thumbnail generation program- you will want to make your own thumbs offline to minimize server loading and your bandwidth use on free sites. Easy thumbs is a powerful program and FREE
When you go to make your thumbs you can set the prefix to thumb_
this will automatically generate thumbs with the right name to load right into Coppermine

3) 000webhost which I list above is SUPER easy to use. You can pick your own sub-domain name for free- I used OSCK for our gallery with their suffix added to it. Once your account is active, go into the autoinstaller area in the user panel online and install Coppermine. This takes about 5 minutes or so. If your site is going to be your gallery- don’t mess with a sub-domain name let it install right into your root directory- ie your site that you have just set up. This will be done for you automatically. The installer is installing Coppermine and a MSQL database which will house, store and index your images.

4) Your gallery is installed- open your webpage. You should have a generic Coppermine gallery that appears. Good- now you can customize it! You can pick one of the themes that comes with the software, or like I did for OSCK you can find a theme online if like me you don’t want to mess with coding a skin for the site. I did go in and change my header image – this is pretty easy to do and just requires figuring out which file in your template images folder is the header image and swapping it out for your own.

5) If you are adding a new skin- you will need a FTP client to load it as well as your images. I cannot emphasize how nice using the FTP client is–especially with a decent number of photos.

  • Open your FTP client plugging in your logins.
  • Go to the public HTML folder
  • You will load your new theme into the content/ themes folder
  • Add your images in folders in the albums folder. Make sure you name your folders and organize them so you will be able to know what is where with ease. Once you have loaded things into coppermine these folders cannot be changed around.

6) Open your cpanel if you have added a new theme, go into your public html and extract the new theme ( it will be zipped) into the theme folder. Exit the cpanel. If you want to do things even faster- extract the files on your pc and then load the folder with the theme into your themes folder in coppermine through your ftp client

7) Go to Coppermine, pick your theme in the config menu.

8)Build your categories for your gallery and then albums to go in each category. You can’t add pictures if there is no album to put them in.

9) Add your photos- you can use the batch add tool to add photos in folders to albums in your gallery.

  • If you get a message that you need to change permissions on your folders- go back to your FTP tool, open your database and go to the albums folder where you have loaded everything. Right click on the albums folder and go to file properties- change the number from 755 to 777 and select to have this cascade to all files beneath the main folder.
  • Now shut down your ftp tool and click batch add again.
  • Since you have used the thumbnail generator to make your own thumbs and they are in the folder with their originals Coppermine will only add the big photos to your album, automatically knowing that files with the prefix thumb_ are thumbnails. Loads are blazing fast when you do this too!

That is it! You now have a free gallery for your artwork, scans- whatever to share with friends and the world!


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