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Free Domain Redirect Service July 29, 2008

When I cancelled my old hosting account I had a domain name I had purchased to go with my main domain- it was the .net version of my .com

I needed to find a good service to re-direct any traffic from my one site to my other- I found a great FREE solution!

000webhost offers free websites with 350 MB storage and 100 GB bandwidth that are ideal for this purpose.

Sign up for a free account using the name of the domain you wish to re-direct, then go in and set the nameservers for the domain in the domain info area of your domain registrar site, then go in to the domain re-direct area in your control panel on 000webhost and input the site you are re-directing your traffic to.

That is it! Traffic will be flowing to your site in about 24 hours as the new re-direct is propogated over the internet.

My account that I used for this was which I host with 000webhost and it redirects traffic to my active site

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