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Free Website Template Builders July 29, 2008

General Website Design Tool:

Sharing another cool website design tool- has a really nifty tool. You can take your header banner if you have one, your custom background, and build a web page template using your specs online!

As an example of a page built using their system- check out my .info page which goes with my Multipleverses sites

As you can see I used my standard header then matched the background and font colors to go with my main site

I edited the html then using notepad adding in my text, links and widget codes. This is basic html at its most basic- believe me! I am no programmer. To load your page you sill select a directory you are installing the page into, then use your FTP client to load it. If you are loading your home page this will go into your public html directory in your main directory which should be and then when you have uploaded your template it will appear as your front page.

To load another page, make a directory and then load to the directory. I have my MV info loaded on my main site here in my /info/ directory.

WordPress Blog Custom Template Design Tool:

For installations like the one on my site I used the WordPress Theme Generator

This free tool is a must for the non-coding types among us. You again do your layout as you please and then simply install the theme into your themes folder on your server using your FTP client.

I added in my hosting company’s info by adding the html tag right before the </body> tag at the end of the page- again using notepad.

I like that this WordPress tool does not insert any big ads- just a simple line about how you made your template in the footer.

If you use which I recommend for personal websites both of these templates work nicely with their fantastico installer for wordpress and using their ftp client to load a simple web page.

If you are looking to build out a big blog and gallery- TMD hosting has tons of templates you can choose from as well as being able to install anything you like from these site designers. TMD is great for newbies- they have excellent support and though their services are not free- they offer tons of free support you do not get elsewhere.