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Fixing XML Queue problem with Filezilla June 29, 2009

Filed under: Fan Site Resources,Random Stuff — Kate @ 12:41 pm

This is a quick tech tip that will take care of a really annoying problem.

The upgrade to Filezilla that I installed earlier this spring suddenly started giving me an error everytime I opened and closed the program- it said “XML queue document not formed well- queue will not be saved upon exit” and gave me a path to the document. After upgrading and reinstalling the software- which did not fix the problem I took care of it with this simple solution.

Follow the path to the file that has the error- on my PC it was in my ApsData Roaming folder- remove the file. I had two files titled queue – I removed both.

Shut down filezilla and then re-install the program. The missing file which had become corrupted is replaced with a clean working file and your program is restored to working order.

See- I told you this was a simple one!