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BSG TV Guide 3-24-08 + Trailers! March 19, 2008

The Sci-Fi Network is gearing up for its new spring line up which will launch with new episodes of BSG, Stargate Atlantis and Doctor Who in April. This is a new music video ad they have for all three series.


New TV Guide has a big spread on the return of BSG for its final season. Click on thumbnail images to view full size scans.


Here are more promos that have been running on SCIFI promoting the new season:


Battlestar Galactica: Anyone Could be a Cylon February 22, 2008

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recruitment posters from the show- click on thumbs to view!


Video Promos for Season 4


White Noise 2 The Light on DVD/HD-DVD Now January 9, 2008

Available on HD-DVD and Widescreen DVD on

Shot in 2007 this straight to DVD thriller has 2 top Sci-Fi stars and fan favorites. Katee Sackhoff ,Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck, and Nathan Fillion , Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly and Serenity. This film is a sequel that is quite different from the first White Noise film- and in my opinion it is pretty good.

Gorgeous print to HD-DVD. Good solid performances and good horror fun for those of who prefer to jump out of our seats over being grossed out by blood and gore. Film is unrated but it is not a blood bath.  Both Fillion and Sackhoff hand in good performances. It was fun to see Katee in a more feminine role than we see her in on TV. I am not going to spoil the plot here but it is a solid paranormal tale that logically falls in line from beginning to end. Not an Oscar winner but better than the monster of the week fare served up by the SciFi Network every Saturday night. Film had a decent budget and looks good too. Nothing cheap and cheesy.

Read more about the movie at the official website

GREAT Fan site with lots of interviews with the producers, writers and stars


BSG Season 3 on sale now on Amazon January 8, 2008

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Battlestar Galactica: Season Three

The DVD release of BSG season 3 is imminent- I got my e-mail this morning that Amazon has it in their catalog for pre-order in the US with it available March, 25, 2008. Click on the link above to go to Amazon and place your order.

New episodes to premiere on the SCIFI Network soon after that. Watch episodes 16-30 of season 3 online now from US viewing only


Best of 2007 Voting time! January 6, 2008

It is that time of year again! is asking you to vote on your picks for 2007. The choices are different from last year.  Always fun- vote for the hottest actors and actresses- 2 Heroes are on the list for the guys and 1 for the gals, one brother from Prison Break, a surprising BSG nominee in the men and his onscreen lady made it into the women’s category- and it is not the Cylon who graced Playboy this year…..Supergirl Laura Vandervoort has flown into the race – we will have to see how super she is in the voting!

My pics?

Show of the year : Heroes

Best New Fall Show: Californication starring David Duchovny I can’t get enough of this beyond politically incorrect comedy! Though I wondered why Bionic Woman was on the list and not Chuck?

Best in Genre DRAMA: Heroes

Best in Genre COMEDY: My Name is Earl

Best in Genre Action/Adventure: Prison Break

Best in Genre Animation: Family Guy

Best in Genre Reality: Meerkat Manor

Best in Genre Science Fiction: Supernatural – it is close with SGA though in my book an in the polls but I had to vote for the guys!

Best of the Worse: Viva Laughlin- Hugh Jackman in a really shiny suit and singing

Best Guilty Pleasure: American Idol

Hottest Actors: Zach Levi aka CHUCK

Hottest Actress: Laura Vandervoort

Best Episode: Family Guy “Blue Harvest”

Best in DVD: BSG season 1 on HD-DVD  I OWN THIS AND WOW!

Best News Story: The WGA Strike


What shows are new? Programming picks during the WGA strike

Supernatural66’s Report

by Kate Blake SN66

Here are my picks for what to watch this week and next that include NEW programs- not repeats!

January 7, 2008

Monday Night- NBC 9PM CM/10PM EST/PST MEDIUM returns with 9 Brand new episodes! The show should be really exciting this season as Allison is coping with her secret being out, both she and husband Joe are unemployed and a mysterious woman shows up wanting to help. Angelica Huston is the guest star. Sounds great! Last season’s three part finale with Neve Campbell was full of twists and turns and some of the best acting and writing I have seen in eons. Reminded me very much of one of my favorite suspense films of all times “The Jagged Edge”. I have 3 dvrs so once The Sarah Connor Chronicles premieres I will be ok because I can record two shows at once- whew! Thank goodness for technology.

January 8, 2008

Tuesday Night- NBC 7PM CM/8PM EST/PST The Biggest Loser COUPLES premieres. Couples, siblings, best friends and even a mother and son pair compete for a big prize to see who can shed more pounds and fight abject humiliation along the way. I am not a big reality TV fan but I usually watch the first episode of Biggest Loser and their finale every season. DAYS of OUR LIVES star Alison Sweeney is hosting again.

January 9, 2008

Wednesday Night- SCIFI Channel 8PM CM/9PM EST/PST Ghost Hunters International premieres! Donna and Brian from Ghost Hunters are the senior investigators along with some other familiar faces and some new ones. The team will take the same scientific approach laid out in Ghost Hunters on the road and around the globe. Locations include the UK, Italy and Transylvania amongst others. I love forward to them going to many of the key sites from the old FOX Family Channel series “World’s Scariest Places” and seeing what proof they can bring home.

Wednesday Night- NBC 9PM CM/10PM EST/PST All new episodes of LAW & ORDER premiere back in its old time slot on Wednesday night. Dick Wolf to the rescue for NBC this winter! The decision to hold back L&O episodes was a good one- we are told there is close to a full season of scripts with more than half completed so you will see all new episodes this winter and spring. Sam Waterston’s Jack McCoy is now the head D.A and there is a new cop on the block- Jeremy Sisto will be Jesse Martin’s new partner. Sisto was on the acclaimed but quickly cancelled Kidnapped on NBC last year, personally I loved him on Six Feet Under. Law & Order Criminal Intent which had been moved to USA Network is returning in the slot right before L&O with Chris Noth in the primary role with Alicia Witt. Many of these new episodes have shown on the cable station but will be getting broadcast premieres.

A video rip of Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump appearing on the season premiere of Law & Order with Jesse Martin & Jeremy Sisto

Law & Order Criminal Intent started this 7th season on USA- now it is moving back to NBC Wednesdays!

January 10, 2008

Thursday Night- NBC 9PM CM/10PM EST/PST ER reaches its 300th episode making it the longest running medical drama ever. There is one more episode to air after this then it will be replaced by Brooke Shield’s new comedy THE LIPSTICK JUNGLE. No word on how many episodes this has shot.

January 11, 2008

Friday Night- FOX BONES has moved to Friday nights with repeats. The final 4 episodes will air at the end of April when it will move back to Monday nights. See the Futon Critic for complete story.

Fall Special talking about the 3rd season of Bones

A fun BONES WonderWoman Parody based upon the BONES Halloween episode- I am seriously not happy I have to wait so long for new episodes.

Watch BONES online on or on

Friday Night- SCIFI Channel Flash Gordon & Stargate Atlantis are back with plenty of new episodes so you can get lots of new programming on SCI-Fridays.

Battlestar Galactica is scheduled to return in March for the first half of their final 4th season. The second half of this final season was always planned to run in 2009 so there is no big change with it.

Early Promo for Season 4 of BSG

January 13 & 14, 2008

Monday Night- FOX 9PM CM/ 10 PM EST/PST Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles premieres in its regular time slot after the pilot airs on Sunday January 13 at 8pm following football. Lena Headey ( 300, Brothers Grimm) , Summer Glau ( Firefly, The 4400, Serenity) and Thomas Dekker ( Heroes) star in this action packed thriller following the iconic Terminator mother and son Sarah Connor and John Connor while they fight the inevitable future with some help from an unlikely ally. If you missed the online premiere this weekend on Yahoo- catch it in HD on Fox on Sunday night! For tons of info on the show and fun fan forums to discuss the show check out and The Sarah Connor Society. The Sarah Connor Society Video Channel has tons of promos, trailers, interviews and fan fun to get you in a TERMINATOR state of mind!

Big Two Night Premiere Promo

January 31, 2008

Thursday Night- CW 7PM CM/EST/PST Smallville returns with 6 more episodes for a total of 15 for the season. They started shooting well ahead of everyone else and this is promised to be a good cliff hanger finale coming up with lots of solid mythos based episodes. Hopefully the soapy crap of every other episode this season being good is over and now just good ones remain.

Thursday Night- CW 8PM CM/EST/PST Supernatural returns with only 3 more episodes. There are supposed to be a couple of really scary ones that get Dean thinking going to hell was not such a great bargain that he made last year. For more on Supernatural and the CW’s winter scheduling see my other blog entry DEMAND SUPERNATURAL THURSDAYS.

NOT yet announced: NBC was emphatic in their final promotions with CHUCK and HEROES that both shows would be back in 2008. Chuck has been picked up for a full season and has 2 more episodes shot and ready to role. How things go will be determined by how the writer’s strike and now impending negotiations with the director’s guild go.

Fox has said that NEW AMSTERDAM a Highlander type supernatural cop show will be going on air later this winter. Tentatively it will air when The Sarah Connor Chronicles has completed its run.

Preview of New Amsterdam- the lead is an immortal homicide cop in New York.

American Idol gets to Hollywood on February 12 and that is when the real contest starts. I cannot watch another year of the horrific auditions, they stopped being funny a long time ago.

American Idol Premiere Promo with a Terminator BREAK In with Lena Headey

I will keep you up to date on the latest and greatest TV news! Sorry I don’t watch LOST – but am falling in love with Pushing Daisies– expect it to be added to my watch list soon.


Heroes: Most Pirated TV Show in 2007 January 3, 2008

From today

Heroes tops the list of most pirated TV shows of 2007

Posted Jan 3rd 2008 8:22AM by Richard Keller
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With 2.5 million downloads, Heroes is the most pirated TV show for 2007And here I thought it was According to Jim. Who knew? Maybe this year.

Until then, NBC’s Heroes is the number one most pirated TV show of 2007, according to a list compiled on TorrentFreak. Nearly 2.5 million illegal downloads were made of the super-hero program, with the BBC program Top Gear coming in second at about 1.2 million. Others on the list are Battlestar Galactica (706,000), 24 (524,000) and Scrubs (tenth on the list at 427,000 downloads).

Here’s my question concerning all of this…why is this still illegal?

Granted, the actual download count may be inflated because many shows have multiple torrents, but 2.5 million is still a pretty high number when it comes to the Internet. In addition, according to the TorrentFreak post, the networks and others are allegedly using the BitTorrent sites to promote their shows. So, if this is being done secretly by the people who are saying that it’s piracy is it still piracy? Man, no wonder the Writers are so pissed at all of this. It’s confusing as hell!