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Download Links Reference List March 7, 2008

This is the download links reference list for items I have provided links for in my blog. I will try to update this page once a month with my most current links. It is free to download these files- rapidshare items can be downloaded only 1 file at a time every so many hours if you don’t have a pro- account, but megaupload files are always free to download (under 500 MB)- you just need to download them one at a time. Most files have been split using WinRAR- files in multiple pieces re-assemble with WinRar. Zip files open like any other Zip file using the file zipping application of your choice.

Many of these items are ones that were previously available on Stage6 for download but no longer are since they closed down on Feb. 28, 2008

Movie Trailers:

December, 2007

P.S. I Love You- previously on Stage6

Trailer 1 1080p MOV file

Trailer 2 1080p MOV file

The Accidental Husband- previously on Stage6

Trailer 1 1080p MOV file

Collier & Company: Hot Pursuit

Trailer MOV File

Smallville Downloads:

December, 2007

Erica Durance- Women of Sci Fi Calendar Video Shoot WMV file

Aquaman Pilot with Justin Hartley

Superman Fleischer Cartoons

January, 2008

Erica Durance HUGE Photo Collection ZIP File

Bob Schneider FLOWERPARTS Smallville video for HDNET mp4 file for your iPod

Supernatural Downloads:

December, 2007

SN Season 2 Music

People’s Sexiest 100 Men 2007 Video

February, 2008

312 Jus in Bello Trailer WMV file

August, 2008

UHQ Season 1 Promo Photos ZIP FILE

HUGE Supernatural Season 1 Cast Photo Collection- all in sample sizes here- download them in 3 ZIP files!
Zip 1, Zip 2, Zip 3

Jensen Ackles on Jimmy Kimmel March 15, 2007 Interview DIVX AVI MQ

Days of Our Lives:

Devil Made Me Do It

Jessica Alba Photo Collection: Photo Collection File #1, Photo Collection File #2, Wallpaper Collection File

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

January, 2008

Trailer Screen Caps for episode 103 Zip File ON RAPIDSHARE

February, 2008

Summer Glau on Carson Daly WMV File on Megaupload , Screen Caps from the interview ON Megaupload , ON Rapidshare

March, 2008

Terminator 3 Promo Pictures ZIP FILE on Rapidshare

MOAD TSCC Panel Wondercon- download our complete copy of the panel

Canterbury’s Law Trailers

March, 2008

Trailers: Trailer Pack 1 3/12 Post

New Amsterdam

February, 2008

Trailers : Trailer Pack 3 2/28 Post , Trailer Pack 1 2/21 Post, Trailer Pack 2 2/21 Post,Trailer Pack 3/12 Post, Trailer Pack 3/06 Post,
Interviews: 3/06 Interviews Pack, FOX LA 3/05 , FOX LA 3/06 Part 1, Part 2, 3/04 FOX Birmingham, 3/04 FOX Atlanta, 7/26/07 FOXNY

The X-Files

February, 2008

Wondercon Panel – download MOV file


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