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American Idol – Top 9 Performances. April 2, 2008


American Idol – Top 9 Performances.

By Erika Blake

Images all courtesy of WireImage

Last night was Dolly Parton night. Dolly who’s a legendary songwriter and singer presented our contestants the most challenging night of the season. Here are my list of how the performers faired in this tough round.

9) Kristie Lee Cook


I won’t lie and say that I haven’t been rooting for Miss Cook to get booted off each week, but I have. She certainly looked nicer tonight than she has all throughout the competition, I loved her dress and thought her earrings were gorgeous. She actually seems to be somewhat improving in her stage performance as well. The problem is, like Simon keeps repeating – she’s boring and forgettable. If you paid attention to Dolly’s talking about her, her biggest compliment was “Your momma would be so proud of you.” That’s about the sweetest way of saying, “Hon, you’re a lovely girl but are seriously lacking in real talent.” Her rendition of “Coat of many colors” was bland and uninspiring. Out of everyone who’s left in the competition she’s got the least amount of vocal range and needs to leave this competition for those who are more qualified to duke it out for the top 5.

8 ) Ramiele Malubay


I can’t even tell you how many weeks I’ve been sitting in my living room telling my sister that Ramiele could have a long career working on a cruise ship. Last night, Simon actually echoed what my main complaint of her has been all along. Ramiele is a sweet girl and when she belts out her big notes it’s rather shocking hearing these notes coming out of this tiny package. The problem is that she’s not very contemporary with her singing style and she’s been utterly inconsistent throughout the competition, letting nerves get the best of her. Her performance last night of Dolly’s “Do I ever Cross your Mind” was sweet and bubbly – but like Kristie, it was forgettable. Ramiele’s days are numbered…I still see that she’s got a long singing career ahead of her, it just won’t be on the pop charts.



Dolly Parton’s new Music Video! January 27, 2008

Back after 17 years!

Dolly Parton has her first new mainstream country music video- Better Get to Livin’ and it features Amy Sedaris. Fun lively and great country music by my favorite lady of song from Tennessee! This sneak video is for her first single from her upcoming album “Backwoods Barbie”