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New Smallville episode 712 Fracture Trailer February 8, 2008

New trailer for the upcoming episode Fracture

See my previous entry for spoiler photos from this episode 

For the shorter teaser trailer and screen caps of the trailer click on the Operation Save Clark Kent blog 


Smallville Season 7 Resumes with New Episodes January 5, 2008


Season 7 resumes Jan. 31 with new episodes! Yeah! We get several more than most shows because Smallville went into production EARLY and got extra epis in the can before the strike.

Next episodes

710 Persona
711 Siren
712 Fracture
713 Hero
714 Traveller
715 Veritas

PROMO Photos from Persona with James Marsters and  Marc McClure who played Jimmy Olsen in the Superman Movies with Christopher Reeve


There should be some good ones in here- Persona sees the return of James Marsters as Brainiac, Siren is the Black Canary and Green Arrow episode, Fracture is Lex centric – always good!, Hero has the return of Pete and Traveller and Veritas are mythos heavy epis with stuff related to the caves, the stones and all kinds of previous season loose ends.
Gina Holden ( Dale on Flash Gordon) has been cast as Patricia Swann and there is word that Jane Seymour may be back in flashbacks as Genevieve Teague. Will Clark finally find out about Isobel murdering Mrs Teague and setting loose the meteors, Brainiac and Zod? Will Clark learn that Lex helped her cover this up?


What Season 7 Storyline are you excited about on Smallville? December 29, 2007


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