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Canterbury’s Law- Moving to Friday March 27, 2008

With the abyssmal ratings of The Return of Jezebel James – the Parker Posey comedy which was axed after only two nights of showings, Fox made a last minute decision on Monday to move Canterbury’s Law into its Friday night time slot. They ran a House repeat in its place with New Amsterdam on Monday so the next episode of Canterbury’s Law airs on Friday March 28 at 7pm CT/MT and 8 pm EST/PST.

Here is the promo announcing the time shift

You can download all of these promos by clicking here see my previous post for more Canterbury’s Law trailers you can download and share.

Here are the original promos for when it was supposed to air on Monday with New Amsterdam- they give a few more story spoilers:


Stargate SG-1 The Ark of Truth – My Thoughts March 19, 2008

Last week I posted the many previews and clips available online to get you excited about the new SG-1 movie The Ark of Truth.

This is what the opening menu looks like- I recommend watching the prelude if you haven’t recently watched seasons 9 & 10

My Thoughts

Today I want to share my thoughts on the film- this won’t be an extensive review or summary – I don’t want to give too much away so you can enjoy if for yourself.

I came to SG-1 a little late- I had watched episodes periodically throughout the series , watched SGA from its premiere and always loved the original Stargate movie. I got the entire first 9 seasons on DVD two years ago for Christmas and started watching them in the fall of 2007. I made my way to season 10 in March and was nearly done when the new SG-1 movie The Ark of Truth came out. For me it was a seamless transition from the end of the series as I had no real gap or time without SG-1 in my viewing history. I think many sci-fi fans do this- I became an obsessive Smallville fan after watching the first five seasons in about 2 weeks – total immersion tends to make solid fans.

This said- I have enjoyed Stargate far more than I ever liked Star Trek. I think for me the whole communist/socialist thing against making money in the universe of the Federation never quite sat right with my capitalistic heart. Stargate has always been about helping others find freedom, lead them on a path of self-governance and pull them away from the clutches of races of false gods who enslave them. The first enemies the SG-1 team took on were the mighty Go’Auld. These self-serving parasites with an unquenchable thirst for power were handily taken down eventually but then other enemies arose. The replicators- insidious self-replicating machines took powerful ancient technology to eradicate but they were machines and thus did have weaknesses. When Daniel and Vala inadvertently opened the door to the Ori Galaxy they encountered what has to be one of the most frightening villainous races to grace the annals of science fiction. Using religion and demanding complete devotion from their followers these beings not of light and goodness but fire and brimstone reign over their galaxy with fear in order to sap the energy from their followers to expand their own power. Think really scary demons….. The way the producers portrayed them on SG-1 they were so evil especially because they showed outwardly initially a face of kindness and good thoughts and an offer of salvation- lying about their true nature and hiding it from their followers.

In season 10 there is a quest to find and build a special weapon that can supposedly kill them- but of course the battle is not over. At the beginning of The Ark of Truth the Ori armies and their ships helmed by their officers and the priors who wield staffs of power are out to take over our galaxy. Meanwhile Vala’s Ori spawned daughter Adria had ascended meaning she is now an Ori and a force to worry about as well.

Our heroes take on a quest- but it is not an easy one. There are political roadblocks by the pesky IOA ( International Oversight Administration) and nobody is certain that this new artifact the team seeks will really work or that it exists. The trip takes us into the heart of the Ori galaxy and the action, scenery and story are big, bold, loud and full of danger including lots of fights and explosions. Stargate never lacks for dramatic explosions! Some of the best footage is with Christopher Judge as he gets the big hero location shoot in the Canadian mountains. Watch the last episode of season 10 to find out why Teal’c has grey hair.

See I told you I wouldn’t give the story away! I really enjoyed the movie and it felt like a big two part SG-1 cliffhanger all in one package with bigger effects and a bigger stage than even a cliffhanger.

I give the movie a solid 9 out 10- a small guest shot with Jack O’Neill would have pushed it to a 9.5 but alas Jack is absent in this one though Beau Bridges as General Landry is present.


You must must must watch the footage with Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Ben Browder, the producers and Gary Jones at Comic Con. Our trio is so funny! They give some hints and some peeks at the next SG-1 film coming in July,2008 which is SG-1 Continuum. They talk about who went to the arctic to film it and who did not.

The behind the scenes making of stuff is great too- my clips ( see previous blog post) show the stunt guys using this new goop that allows them to set people on fire. That is included but there are more videos with the stars and crew talking about the movie as well.

You can choose to watch it with the Prologue or not- if you haven’t seen all of the episodes recently- watch it. They manage to give a neat summary of the Ori storyline from seasons 9 and 10 bringing you right to the present time when the movie is set. The movie is between the end of SG-1 and the beginning of SGA season 4 if you want to make sure you keep your timelines straight for viewing purposes.

I capped a few images from the brief spoiler footage shown before the movie begins that shows shooting Continuum in the arctic with Ben Browder and Amanda Tapping. Apparently temps were as low as -50 degrees F while they were shooting- BRRRR!


Stargate SG-1 The Ark of Truth comes to DVD March 12, 2008

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usStargate – The Ark of Truth

Buy it today on!

Probably one of the most anticipated Sci-Fi releases of the year came out yesterday- I cannot wait to watch my dvd! Will do this weekend.

Here are all the preview clips and ads I could find for the new SG-1 installment which promises us the ultimate showdown with the evil Ori.


Canterbury’s Law- First Glimpses February 21, 2008

Emmy award winner Julianna Margulies returns to prime time in Canterbury’s Law premiering on FOX in March. Prominently featured in the promos is Aidan Quinn as well.

101 Canterbury’s Law Teaser 1
Posted to Favorite Movie n TV Moments by kateblake_2000 on February 21, 2008

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101 Canterbury’s Law Trailer 1
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101 Canterbury’s Law Trailer 45s

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Promo Photos from the Pilot

101 Pilot Promo Photo 1101 Pilot Promo Photo 2101 Pilot Promo Photo 3101 Pilot Promo Photo 4101 Pilot Promo Photo 5101 Pilot Promo Photo 6

Cast Chat


1st Trailer Sarah Connor Chronicles Episode 107 The Demon Hand February 19, 2008

For everything you need to know about Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles go to the site that calls the best TSCC resource on the web!

It is Tuesday- time for new Sarah Connor videos! A new trailer, a new director’s take and another interview with Brian Austin Green talking about his role on the series.

1st Trailer for the upcoming episode The Demon Hand

See the gallery at MOAD for spoiler images from this episode

Behind the Scenes from Episode 105- Terminators Battle

Another interview with Brian Austin Green talking about his role on the series with the FOX Austin TX morning show


Sarah Connor Chronicles Episode 6 Latest Trailers PLUS MORE! February 12, 2008


I have a ton of videos that I uploaded last night- first off we have a nice behind the scenes Director’s Take

This is a Director’s Cut from Heavy Metal featuring Summer and her big jump from the truck as it went off the cliff!


Promos from the past few days leading up to episode 105 Queen’s Gambit

Check for download versions of these videos- right now I am unable to load them to Stage6 as the site got hacked over the weekend and has temporarily disabled video loading.

1 Machine’s Are Back- from JC at this ran during the pro-bowl

2 105 SCC PB Now brought to you by Jumper with an appearance of Hayden Christensen

3 105 SCC PB Jumper sponsorship spot

4 105 NEXT Stranger

5 105 Stranger

6 105 SCC PB This Monday

7 105 Human Spirit

8 106 Dungeons and Dragons Trailer 1

9 106 Dungeons and Dragons Trailer 1- JC at SVFan’s version- no credits on the bottom of the screen

Brian Austin Green Interviews from Monday!


New 3-pack Trailer for Queen’s Gambit February 7, 2008

JC at has this awesome new trailer 3-pack up for Queen’s Gambit the upcoming episode of Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles. This is the episode with Brian Austin Green!

Check it out and make sure you check out for all of your high quality trailer needs!